Your Flirting Switch- Turn It On Now

Flirting Switch

In life today there are many different types of flirting and flirting places a big part in our every day life.  There are five different ways to flirt.  There is playful flirting, physical flirting, polite flirting, sincere flirting and the traditional flirting.  Everyone in their own way is a combination of all the styles mixed together but we all have at least one flirting style that dominates.

What Does Flirting Mean To Your Love Life

You will find that everyone will flirt a different way however the way you flirt will influence the way the person you are flirting with communicates with you as well as the type of person you will attract, how successful your relationship will be and typically how long your relationship will be.  There are quizzes online that will help you to decide what kind of flirting style you have.

Missed Opportunities

There are many people who do not realize when someone else is flirting with them.  In fact over ninety percent have missed an opportunity because they did not know the signs to look for and mistakenly thought the person who was flirting with them was just being friendly.  By knowing your own flirting style you have the possibility of identifying when someone is flirting with you.

What Is The Switch I Am Looking For

Technically there is not a button or a switch to push that will help you to communicate better.  However the switch that is being referred to is one that will help you to send a message to the other person when you are flirting that is clear and will help to turn your radar on when people are flirting with you.

Turning On The Switch

One of the first things to do when wanting to turn on the switch is to practice feeling interested.  Rather than just jumping into the flirting field you can practice feeling interested when you are attracted to someone or when someone is attracted to you.

The second thing you must do is adopt an open mind.  This is easy when you realize that someone is interested in you and you can embrace that fact.  Even if they are not interested you can still pretend and get used to the idea of someone being interested.  You can convince yourself through your imagine interest and be more alert when you are actually having someone flirt with you.  The happiest things come to those who have figured it out.

Carefully Watch And Pay Attention

When you are trying to pay attention to the flirting habits of people you will find that men do not approach a woman if she signals for him to come over.  However it is also proven that women do not know that they are signaling the men.  This is a very confusing situation.  It is important to become a people watcher.  By watching people you will find that you will notice when women are flirting and you will notice when a man is flirting.  A good way to practice this exercise is to watch a couple who is at a bar or a restaurant and try to guess by their body language if they are on a first date or if they are further into the relationship.

When you are wanting to get better at flirting you can practice being more aware of people flirting with you and watching other people flirt.  By noticing the way others get it done it will help you to understand what other people are thinking and how they are acting.  By noticing it more in other people you will be more aware of it happening to you.

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