It Does Not Matter What Your Relationship Status Is- You Can Still Be Happy

There might be times in your life where you might find yourself unhappy and looking for love as well as the approval you long for from others.  Other things you want to hear are praise, emotional support and just attention in general.  This might be difficult to find from other people other than your family and your friends.  All you want to do is feel better about yourself right?  Well whether you are single or in a relationship if you are looking for love and attention elsewhere you might be in trouble.  You should be looking for comfort, love and the strength within your current relationships.

How To Achieve Happiness

It does not matter what your relationship status is you can still manage to achieve the maximum amount of wellness and happiness even though many believe that the only way to be happy is to have a partner or a spouse.  This is completely farthest from the truth.  Even without a partner or spouse you are still considered whole and not incomplete.

What You Need To Understand

Everyone who is looking for a relationship or currently in a relationship needs to understand what exactly he or she want.  Do you want a partner while going through your life’s journey or a partner that you want to enjoy life with?  It is a big decision and only you hold the answers to it.  Until you know exactly what you want it is not uncommon to wait to be happy in a relationship.  This means you live life to the fullest until you find the person you want to share every intimate aspect of your life with.

Three Steps To Being Happy

What To Do When You Want Attention

Everyone has moments in their lives when they need or even crave the approval, attention or praise from others.  Some even want to hear encouraging words.  This is the time where you need to ask yourself what you would want others to say to you and ask yourself what you want to hear.  An example of this is if you have been working hard to lose weight.  If no one notices and says something to you ask it to yourself and compliment yourself. This will make you feel good.

Breathe Deeply And Treat Yourself Kindly

When you get up each morning you should take a deep breathe and tell yourself to treat you as well as others kindly.  This means to not judge.  Tell yourself that you love yourself and that you love others.  If you see yourself heading back to a pattern of negativity repeat to yourself what you say each morning when you wake up.  It is important to get into healthy habits.

Do Something You Enjoy Everyday

Do not tell yourself that you are too busy everyday to do something fun and something for yourself everyday.  You should commit to a minimum of at least twenty minutes everyday to yourself.  This means to do something just for you even if it means just taking a bath and having some quiet time.


You need to remember that only you hold the power to living a happy life.  It does not matter what your relationship status is.  You might be single, married or even in a relationship as long as you tell yourself that you are happy you will be.  It is important to tell yourself that it does not matter what the relationship status is only you have the power to make yourself happy.  You cannot depend on someone else to do it for you.

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