Things Every Woman Thinks Before A First Blind Date

Couple on a blind date

No one likes to go on a blind date but after a long period of time with no date at all for a long period of time you might jump at the chance to go on a date with someone you have never met.  It might be kind of scary at first to be having drinks or dinner with a stranger but something you can do to prepare yourself for the first encounter is to cyber stalk to man.  However it is important to mention that you might not like what you find out or you could be pleasantly surprised by what you find out.  Whether you like it or not once you have accepted the blind date you are stuck and going.

In the recent years blind dates have become less common thanks to the age of Google and other websites where you can find out so much information about a person by the time you meet you feel like you have known him for years.  But even though these types of dates are not common they do still occasionally happen and when they do there are several thoughts that go through the mind of a woman.  In this article you will find out just what these thought are.

Thoughts That Go Through The Minds Of Every Woman Going On A Blind Date

The most common thought that goes through the mind of a woman while on a blind date or while getting ready for a blind date is “what was I thinking”.  Many women do not like the fact that they get roped into a blind date even though it may have been a long time between dates.  Often times the woman just cancels after thinking about it for a while.

A second thought that is common is what kind of guy agrees to go on a blind date.  A woman might think that a guy who goes on a blind date might be a loser.  However many guys are not losers but may be too shy to ask a woman on a date.

Another common thought is what if I do not find the guy attractive.  This is a very common thought.  If when you get on the date and you do not find him attractive you can always make up an excuse and leave early.

Of course with the thought above comes the thought of what if he does not find me attractive.  In this case there is nothing you can do.  Everyone has varying tastes and if he does not find you attractive there is nothing you can do about it.

How tall the guy is that you are meeting is also a big scary thought.  If you happen to be on the taller side and he is only 5’5” it might be awkward but there is nothing you can do except give him a chance.

Finding the right guy in the bar or restaurant is a common worry.  What will happen if I walk up to the wrong person?  It might help when you set up the date to discuss what each other will be wearing.  This will make for the chance of wasting your opening line on the wrong person a smaller chance.

Of course the above thoughts going through your mind before a blind date are probably not the only ones and there are many more that are possible.  However when you are heading out on a blind date it is important to remember that the person you are meeting is probably having some of the same thoughts and maybe even more.  What you should do it relax and have fun while on the date and not have any worries at all.

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