What Should Really Happen On A Date


When you are on a date especially a first date you only have one chance to make the perfect first impression.  It is important to remember that you will not get a second chance so you should follow the tips explained below to help you have the perfect date.  Therefore if you open the door and you think the man might be the one for you it is important to remember and follow these tips while on your date. 

Let Him Be A Man

Men take pride in being in charge and they should take charge.  It is believed that the man is the one in the relationship that is supposed to make the plans.  Therefore you should not become someone who is trying to prove their independence and try to arrange all of the details for the date.  Let the man do this while you sit back and relax.

Have A Dinner Date

Unless you met the man online through the Internet dating sites you should suggest a dinner date.  Just meeting to have a few drinks is generally known in the dating world as an audition.  However when you are having dinner with someone it is much more intimate and you will have a much easier time getting to know him.  This will include his manners and how he acts in public.

Be Sure You Drink In Moderation

When you are on a date having a couple of drinks is not a bad thing.  This is because some people need one or two drinks to help them relax.  However you should be sure to drink in moderation and know what your limit is when it comes to the amount of alcohol you can consume.  No one likes a drunken date and let’s face it when you are drunk you are probably not sexy.

Keep Yourself Stimulating

No one likes to date someone who is completely boring.  This is why you should keep yourself stimulating.  You should try and have conversations that are different and unique.  Subjects like the weather or politics can be boring and will usually show that you are bored with him.  You should select topics such as your family and friends that you can talk a lot about to help keep him engaged in the conversation.

Keep Smiling

A smile is something that is easy to accomplish and men love women who have the drop dead smile.  Therefore you should keep the smile on your face as often as you can.  If you are feeling positive you will find that your date will also feel positive and will respond to you well.

Put On Your Listening Ears

You might be someone who can hold a great conversation but you should also adopt listening as a skill.  You should not ask him a question and then interrupt him while he is trying to answer you.  Not only is this considered rude but you will find that he will stop listening to you as well.

Be Confident

If you are a women who is oozing confidence you are the type of women that a man is looking for.  Men love to find themselves a woman who is the most confident thing in the world.  You should love yourself as much as others do.  When you are confident you will have people that enjoy being around you.

Be Polite

Not only is it important for him to be polite but also for you.  When he pays for the meal you should smile and thank him.  Also be sure that you are polite to the people around you as well.  If you are not he will see right through it and will probably not call you again.

When you are on a date it is all about making a good impressions and getting to know that person.  By following the tips above you will find that you could have the perfect date.

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