Ways Not To Sabotage Your Wedding

sabotage wedding

Every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding just like a princess.  However many times what happens is that the bride will end up sabotaging her own wedding by not even meaning too.  Before you start planning and getting prepared for your perfect day there are many things that you should be aware of so that the wedding you have always dreamed about will not be sabotaged by you. 

Do Not Become A Bridezilla

You might laugh at this terminology but it is true and will happen more often than not.  What this means is that as a bride you become some wrapped up in planning the wedding and getting yourself prepared for the wedding that you do not think about or care about the feelings of the others who are around you.  This can be avoided if you just be the person who people love and remember to be caring.

Listen To Your Soon To Be Husband’s Opinions

The opinions of your soon to be husband matter just as much as yours do.  If you do not want to sabotage your wedding you should listen to his opinions and take them to heart.  If you do not you will end up hurting his feelings and that can lead to a Sabotage wedding disaster.  The wedding is for the both of you and he should have things he wants also.

Do Not Be Rude To Those Who Work For You

If you have people working for you such as a caterer or a florist it is important to not be rude to them.  Yes you expect first class service because you are paying them to be there but if you are rude and mistreat those who are providing a service to you it is possible that you will lost the service all together.  You can get what you want simply by being nice and pleasant to those people.

Do Not Let The Circumstance Control You

This is something that you should practice on a daily basis.  You need to learn how to not let a circumstance control you.  Things will happen that are out of your control.  For example it might rain on the day of your outside wedding.  You need to learn how to deal with these situations rationally and not get emotional which can be a difficult thing to do.

Do Not Mistreat Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is not the time to try and pick fights with the people in your wedding party.  These are the people who you are friends with and you need them with you to help get you down the aisle.  If something is bothering you it should be left alone until after the wedding day.  If you treat others nicely they will treat you the same.

Be Sure To Listen To Others

Yes it is your wedding day and the only person making the decisions is you and your soon to be husband.  However other people may lend you some advice.  It is a good idea to be sure to listen to those people.  You might not always agree with them but it is possible that they may or may not have the solution to whatever you are trying to solve.

When you are planning a wedding and getting married it is easy to get wrapped up in all of the hustle and bustle.  However once the wedding is over you should be prepared to enjoy the marriage that follows it.  You will be married for the rest of your life.  It is a good idea to remember this and enjoy the lifetime ahead with your new partner.

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