How to know the difference between transsexual, transgender and transvestite?

transsexual transgender transvestite

It is seen that people are highly confused about the meaning of transgender, transvestite or transsexual. People often face difficulties in differentiating these terms and understand its basic meaning. One might fit any of these categories but don’t know in which category they fall. It is important for all the people to understand these categories as they might get hit by anyone of them in their phase of life. You can get all the information related to these terms by LGBT society, and will provide you the services if you are negatively affected by any issues of such thing.

There is a gender called cisgender which is given to those people who are happy with their gender in which they are born. Sexuality is not considered in such terms that if you have a penis then you feel that you are a boy or vice versa. It is very important for you to understand that you cannot define the sex by these terms. Even a gay guy can be cisgender if he is happy with his gender. There is no harm in being a guy and yet be attracted to another guy.

You must know what transvestite means. A transvestite is a person who dresses in a manner of the opposite sex and even behaves in that manner. This is also something which is not related with sexuality. For example, a guy dresses in girls outfits and even behaves as a girl, or vice versa.

Transgender is a term given to those people whose gender identity does not match up with their assigned sex. For example, a person who is born with a penis but his inner feelings match with a women’s feeling, or vice versa.

Even transsexual people also feel that they are different from the assigned gender. The difference in case of transsexual is that it comes with the neurological condition, and it can get treated with medical intervention, surgeries, gender reassignment and hormone therapy.

Transgender and Transsexual should not be treated in the same manner as they are different. We should respect people who are identified as transgender or transsexual as it has their choice.

Intersex is something on which you should not give much attention, it means someone who is born with genital ambiguity. In a simple way, it means that their genital and chromosomes do not match according to their gender. They can be identified as male, female or neither. They have to change their genital by surgery to match their sexuality. Those who are born intersex have a choice to choose their gender according to their will and it is basically done by parents as they have to make a decision for their child when they take birth.

Although we are living in a developed country, but still people who are transgender or transsexual faces difficulties to lead a smooth life as they are neglected by society. They have to take certain steps so that they can live a comfortable life and are accepted by other people. It is their right which no one can take away from them.

There are lots of prejudices formed in our society for transgender and transsexual. People make bad opinions for such people or totally ignore them. People who are transgenders and transsexuals feel shy to tell to anyone about their sexuality as they know after that they will be ignored by people or even they have to face some violence too. It is not a good thing as directly or indirectly you are stopping such people to live their life.

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