Should You Take Him Home For Thanksgiving

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If you have been seeing a certain someone for a little while now you might be considering taking him home for Thanksgiving.  You might want to be looking for certain signs to tell you that now is the right time to take him home.  Looking for certain clues can make the decision much easier and show you that now is the time to give him the invitation.

It Is A Semi Serious Relationship

If you are in a semi serious relationship you might be thinking that now is the right time to take him home for Thanksgiving.  A semi serious relationship is defined as the two of you have been on more than a couple of dates and a budding relationship is a definite possibility.  It is also a good idea to take him home to meet the family if you feel comfortable introducing him as your boyfriend.  Of course taking him home as a friend is okay too.

You Can Picture A Future With Him

If you have only been on one or two dates with a guy you might want to wait to extend him a Thanksgiving invitation.  This is because family members will usually make comments about the future of your relationship and if you are not serious this can make it uncomfortable for the both of you.  As a couple you need to know where your future stands before others start to invade your relationship as well.

You need To Be At Ease Around Each Other

Before bringing him home for Thanksgiving you need to be sure that you are totally at ease around each other.  Often times if the relationship new you will be awkward around each other.  When you add in the family members it can make the awkwardness even worse.  If this is the case you might want to wait until the next holiday for the family meeting.  This will keep the both of you from feeling uncomfortable.

He Does Not Have A Place To Go

If the new man in your life does not have any place to go for the holiday you can invite him.  Of course it is not a wise choice to do it out of pity.  However he might be hoping that you will invite him.  The unfortunate thing is that if you are still on the fence about how serious you want to relationship to get if you invite him it might send him a mixed message and tell him that you are much more serious that you really are.

You Both Feel Ready

This is a conversation that you need to have together.  If you both feel like the relationship is ready for you to start meeting the family then you should go for it.  But it is a big deal and if one of you do not feel like you are ready you should wait.  It is definitely a big step towards your future.

 Your Family Wants To Meet Him

It is possible that you have spoken about him enough that your family wants to meet him.  If this is the case then this could be a sign that you should invite him to Thanksgiving.  A good piece of advice is to speak to your family first and tell them not to bombard him with questions.  This will make him feel welcome and not so uncomfortable.

Making the decision to take your new guy home for the holidays is always a tough one.  The good news is that if you follow the tips above you can find that the decision making process could be an easy one.

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