sexual relationship

Does He Like You For More Than Your Body

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Things You Should Do At The Start Of A Relationship

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kissing in public place

Couple Should Not Do These Things In Public

If you are in a relationship you might have some things that you do that you are comfortable doing in public.  However it might not be appropriate and may make others feel... Read more »
never be ashamed

Different Things : A Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of

As a woman there are many ways to look at different things.  Unfortunately there are many things that woman are ashamed of that they should not be.  If you are wishing for... Read more »
ruining relationship

You Might Be Ruining Your Relationship And You Do Not Even Know It

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in a relationship

Unacceptable Things That You Should Never Have In A Relationship

There are many things that happen in a relationship.  Some of these are good and some of them are bad.  However there are many things in a relationship that are not acceptable... Read more »
bad habits in relationship

Bad Habits In A Relationship That Need To Stop

As an adult you do not want any bad habits that you may have to ruin a relationship that could be something long term.  When you are involved with someone who you... Read more »
smartphone can ruin love

Yes Smartphones Can Ruin Relationships

People have started to believe that their smartphones are a necessity and not a luxury.  For this reason your smartphone could be ruin relationships and you do not even know it.  You... Read more »
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The Secret Turn Offs For Guys That Girls Need To Know About

  When a female is involved in a relationship or soon to be relationship she needs to know what turns a guy off.  There are many turn offs that girls do not... Read more »
loving each other

The Signs That Point To Him Being In Love With You

If you are in a new relationship you might not know the signs on whether he is in love with you or not. As you move further into the relationship you will... Read more »