winter wedding

Cover Ups That Work For A Winter Wedding

Weddings that are held during the winter months can be beautiful and make for some stunning photographs but they can also be very cold.  This often leaves the brides scrambling to find... Read more »
problem in relationship

Signs That The Communication Within Your Relationship Is Not Good

If you think that the communication within your relationship is good you might want to check again.  There are several different signs that you might be missing that show that you have... Read more »
never be ashamed

Different Things : A Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of

As a woman there are many ways to look at different things.  Unfortunately there are many things that woman are ashamed of that they should not be.  If you are wishing for... Read more »
in a relationship

Unacceptable Things That You Should Never Have In A Relationship

There are many things that happen in a relationship.  Some of these are good and some of them are bad.  However there are many things in a relationship that are not acceptable... Read more »
secret turn offs for guys

The Secret Turn Offs For Guys That Girls Need To Know About

  When a female is involved in a relationship or soon to be relationship she needs to know what turns a guy off.  There are many turn offs that girls do not... Read more »
first trip as a couple

Common Things That Happen While On Your First Trip As A Couple

Going on your first trip as a couple is definitely a huge step in your relationship and can often times either make your relationship stronger or break it all together.  This will... Read more »
hugging a friend

Finding The Perfect Friend Through Meditation

Many people find it hard to make friends.  Some other people have the philosophy that friends come and go.  However what every one is interested in finding is the perfect friend that... Read more »

It is More Important To Give Than To Receive Love

If you ask anyone you would find that most people would rather receive love than to give love.  However it is actually more important to give than to receive love.  It has... Read more »

Looking Great On Your Date

When you have asked out the person you have been thinking about and she says yes the big decisions need to be made.  These decisions are trying to decide what to do... Read more »

Assumptions Can Ruin Your Love Life

If you are currently in a relationship or you know someone who it you should know that making assumptions about the relationship as well as the other person can ruin the relationship. ... Read more »