Online Dating

Advantages of Online Dating

The Internet has changed the world in so many different ways. It has allowed people to run businesses from their homes. It has enabled bills to be paid quickly and easily online.... Read more »
secret turn offs for guys

The Secret Turn Offs For Guys That Girls Need To Know About

  When a female is involved in a relationship or soon to be relationship she needs to know what turns a guy off.  There are many turn offs that girls do not... Read more »
spice back in relationship

30-Day Challenge To Put The Spice Back In Relationship

All relationships that are new always start off exciting but after a little while many of the relationships have the spark burned out and leaves the couple wondering where they went wrong. ... Read more »

Best Tips for your first date

Hey planning to go on a first date with someone special? Well, dating is something not to be taken lightly; a good date can do wonders to your love life. But what... Read more »
Single Parent Dating

How To Date A Single Parent

Everyone knows that the dating life is complicated and difficult even if it is under the best circumstances. However if there are children involved it could paint the picture of an even... Read more »

Looking Great On Your Date

When you have asked out the person you have been thinking about and she says yes the big decisions need to be made.  These decisions are trying to decide what to do... Read more »