30-Day Challenge To Put The Spice Back In Relationship

spice back in relationship

All relationships that are new always start off exciting but after a little while many of the relationships have the spark burned out and leaves the couple wondering where they went wrong.  If you are in a relationship like this and your are feeling like you are stuck in a rut what you need to do is to put a little bit of spice back into the relationship.  To put spice back into your relationship and kicking all over again in the article below you will find a thirty-day challenge.  This challenge will give you an idea for every day for thirty days to get the spice back.

It does not matter if you have been in a relationship for a month or if you have been together for many years all you want to do is put the kick back into the relationship.  If this sounds like you and your partner it is time to read on.

What To Do Every Day For Thirty Days

On day one of the challenge you should try to learn something new together.  This could be by taking an art class or even a dance or exercise class.  Something new is always a good way to spice things up.

Day two is one of the more exciting ideas.  You should get romantic in a place that you have not ever done it before.  This could be as simple as going to a different room in the house.

Watching the sunset together from a scenic location can be your plan for day 3.  Sunsets are always peaceful and can leave you feeling romantic.

If you are looking for fun day number four can be something like dressing up and having a date night that is fancier than usual.

Day five can be something as easy as writing your partner a sweet, sexy or loving note and leaving it somewhere that he/she will find it unexpectedly.  Places to leave it can include a lunchbox, briefcase or even in the car.

Morning sex can be something different for day number six.

When was the last time you stayed up late and did nothing but talk.  Many couples always forget about taking time to catch up with each other.  This could be the perfect time.

Another date night could be day number eight and should possibly include going to see a concert or a movie together.

If you like to take pictures of your partner this could be day number 9 of the challenge.  Take pictures of each other.  Believe it or not this does spice things up.

Day ten can be taking a scenic road trip with your loved one and singing your favorite songs together as loud as you can.  If you own a convertible this would make this day of the challenge even better.

Cuddling on the couch while watching television or reading a book together is day number eleven.

Day number twelve is a little more difficult.  You should do something spontaneous for your partner.  This can involve something in the bedroom or somewhere else.  It does not matter.

Sending sexy compliments to each other throughout the day can be your challenge for day number thirteen.  The sexier the better is the rule to follow here.

Challenge day number fourteen includes going out somewhere and showing each other a little public display of affection.

Cooking together is always fun especially when you are experimenting with something new.  This could be day number fifteen of your spice it up challenge.

Day number sixteen includes taking a bubble bath or a shower together.  Who knows where this can lead.

Board games can be a good part of the challenge so let’s make a board game challenge day number seventeen.

Day eighteen is a very exciting day.  You and your partner should try something new in the bedroom.

During this challenge it is important not to forget about your friends so day number nineteen should be a couples date with your friends.

When it comes to challenge day number twenty this can be spiced up by modeling new clothes or lingerie for each other.  This could get to be very sexy.

Day number twenty-one can be very exciting just by renting a hotel room to get away from your normal routine.

Another simple idea to make your special someone feel good about himself/herself is to make a list of the reasons why you love him or her and of course share it.

In today’s world technology can take up a large portion of our day.  Day number twenty-three is to live tech free for one whole day and spend that day together.

Old pictures can often times bring back the spark from the early days of dating.  Day number twenty-four is pulling out old pictures and reliving those days.

Day twenty-five can be a day full of exercise.  Running, hiking, doing yoga or even going to the gym and working out together can be a good time to spend together.

People might not think that songs have a special place for people but it is true and on day number twenty-six you can make a playlist for each other and pick songs that mean something to the both of you.

By doing community work together you will not only be giving back to your relationship but giving back to your community as well.  This can be day number twenty-seven.

A day full of massages given to each other is a perfect way to spend day number twenty-eight.

Day number twenty-nine might sound like more work than play but by rearranging rooms in your home and adding different types of décor you might find yourself getting in the mood.

Day number thirty and the last day of the challenge can be something simple such as turning on slow music and dancing together.

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