Snowy Days Can Lead To Romantic Dates

dating in snowy days

When the weather gets cold and snowy many people believe that the best thing to do is to stay inside where it is warm and dry.  What people do not think about is that the snowy days can often lead to many romantic dates.  There are many people who like to go outside and embrace the snow while others would rather stay inside where it is warm and dry.  Either way there are many different kinds of romantic dates that you can enjoy together.  Here are just a few of these dates.

Ice Skating

One of the best ways to get to know someone up close and personal is to go ice-skating.  You might be thinking to yourself that you cannot skate and you will spend more time sitting on the ice rather than upright on your skates.  What makes this type of date romantic is that you will have the other person to help hold you up and it gives you a reason to be touching them even if it is to remain steady on your skates.  This can be a fun time to talk, laugh and get to know each other.

Sleigh Ride

Many towns and cities offer sleigh rides on days that are snowy enough.  This can be a good option for you to have a romantic date but you might need to do some legwork to find where these rides are offered.  Once you find it you will be bundled up and sitting next to your date while enjoying the sounds of the horse and the beautiful scenery.  This is a date that you will never forget.  You might even feel like you have stepped right out of a movie.


If you have a good amount of snow on the ground and you can find a hill in your neighborhood you can head to the store and purchase a sled for your date.  Of course you should purchase a sled that has enough room for both of you to sit on it.  This way you can slide down the hill while holding on to each other.  Another fun option is to have two sleds and race down the hill.  The possibilities will lead to endless fun.

Baking Cookies

If you are a person who does not like to be cold and wet there are many things to do inside that will lead to a romantic date.  One of these options is to bake cookies.  This is the perfect winter date.  You and your partner can grab all the ingredients to make delicious treats.  Bake the treats together and then enjoy eating them together while curled up in front of a movie.


Skiing is an activity that is not always enjoyed by everyone and you need to be a little athletic to enjoy this.  However if you are you can attach a pair of skis to your feet and race your partner down the hill.  The only drawback to this activity as a date is that it does not allow for you to be close to your partner all the way down the ski slope.  But once you are at the bottom of the hill you can make up for that.

If you think that a snowy cold day means that you need to stay inside and not venture into the winter wonderland you are incorrect.  The snow often makes for the perfect romantic dates.  The above ideas are only a few there are many others that can be done.  It does not matter what you and your partner do what does matter is that you have fun doing it.

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