Yes Smartphones Can Ruin Relationships

smartphone can ruin love

People have started to believe that their smartphones are a necessity and not a luxury.  For this reason your smartphone could be ruin relationships and you do not even know it.  You might start out in your relationship thinking that it is the best thing in the world but then you realize that something is happening and your relationship.  You might not even realize it is your smartphone that is the issue.  This article will help you to open your eyes as to what kind of issues your smartphone can have when it comes to loving it too much and the other person in your relationship not enough.

 Your Phone Is The Only Way You Connect

One of the biggest signs that your smartphone could be causing you big problems is that you are only connecting and socializing with your friends and family through your phone.  Most people will get addicted to their smartphones and will often lose contact with their friends due to the fact that they are spending more time on social media than anything else.

 Texting Throughout Dinner

If you are with your friends or your significant other and they are watching you text throughout the entire meal they are probably getting frustrated with you.  When you are with someone at dinner the polite thing to do is to put your smartphone away and enjoy some face-to-face time.  You might find that you are losing friends to your smartphone if you cannot part with it long enough to have dinner.

 Missing Important Conversations

There are many different things going on around you while you have your nose stuck looking at your phone.  You might be reading a funny post, playing a game or even checking your email but what you do not realize is that there may be important conversations going on around you that you are missing out on.  Relationships tend to suffer when the other person feels like they are being ignored because you are too busy with your smartphone.

 You Need To Have Your Phone With You At All Times

Believe it or not there was once a time where people did not have to have their phones with them one hundred percent of the time.  It was a time where people spent quality time with their family and their friends.  If you find that you need to have your phone with you at all times and you are not able to turn it off for any long period of time you will also find that your relationships are also being affected by the fact that your phone is always in your hand.

You Have Become Detached

Becoming detached is a sign that you have become to dependant on your smartphone.  This is not a good thing for your relationships. In fact you might find that your friends are telling you that you seem disinterested or arrogant.  In this case you might need to rethink how much time you are spending on your phone.

 Your Relationships End Faster Than They Started

If you are noticing that your relationships are ending faster than they started your smartphone could be to blame for that.  In this case you need to ask yourself if you constantly had your nose looking at your phone or if when you texted him he did not respond quickly enough and that bothered you.  If the other person in the relationship sees that your phone is taking the upper hand you will probably lose them quickly.

Smartphones are not the necessity that you seem to think they are.  It is not healthy to have a better relationship with the phone that you do with the people around you.  However many relationships end because of this.  If this is happening to you it is time to put the phone in your pocket and live without it for just a little while.

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