Release Fear And Control And See Your Relationship Become Stronger

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If you are currently in a relationship you might find that the relationship is not the strongest that it could be. The cause for this might be for several different reasons but many find that the reason why their relationship is not very strong is because they are scared and they are afraid to let go of the control. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to strengthen a relationship and help it to become something that you have always dreamed of having but it will take hard work on your part.

Low Self- Esteem And Low Self- Image

One of the biggest problems within a relationship is that one or both of the people have a low self-esteem and/or low self- image. This is always a big problem because it is an issue that cannot be seen until usually when some one points it out.

The problems that having a low self-image can cause are many but the most popular relationship problem is that you will always wonder what your partner is doing. What happens then is you become jealous and start in the controlling behavior that causes even larger problems.

Controlling Behavior

When a person in a relationship becomes jealous it results in a behavior that is controlling. Many times the people involved will worry that the other is going to leave them for someone else. This will lead to many arguments that will often times become aggressive and sometimes unfortunately physical and someone gets hurt. It can become bad when the other person gets jealous because their partner wants to go out with friends. Jealousy is not something to be looked upon lightly. It can cause problems that are larger than life.

Of course the controlling behavior does not stop there. It can also happen if the couple goes out together. Jealousy can rear its ugly head again if the spouse or partner glances at someone of the opposite sex while they are out together. This can cause arguments on the spot or even once you get home for the evening.

Many do not realize what causes this type of behavior. What it is about is showing the other how much you love him or her. Often times it is not enough for the other person to hear the words be said. He or she needs to experience it through an act such as a demonstration of their love.

Even though the evidence is there the other person might not believe it without a physical act. What happens next is that even though the person is showing their love the other person does not believe it and becomes even more controlling. This leads to even more aggressive behavior and the people involved yearning for attention.


When someone thinks of fear in a relationship what it is often thought of is that someone is scared of the relationship itself or even of the other person. However what it is often meant is that fear is often felt of someone not feeling that they are loved enough by the other person and they are scared the other person is going to leave.

Once again because you are scared the fear can lead you to be controlling. This can have the opposite affect on the relationship and will often scare away the other person and therefore the relationship is left for dead.

Living in a relationship that is controlled by fear and a controlling behavior is not healthy. What you need to do is learn to let go of that fear and realize that the other person is going to come home to you every night. Once you learn how to control your self-esteem and live the good life you will find that your relationship will continue to grow to be healthy and strong.

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