The Secret Turn Offs For Guys That Girls Need To Know About

secret turn offs for guys


When a female is involved in a relationship or soon to be relationship she needs to know what turns a guy off.  There are many turn offs that girls do not even know about but they should.  This article will serve to let you know exactly what these turn offs are and how you should avoid them.  After all if you really like the guy you should do everything to keep him.

Talking About Your Ex

One of the biggest turns offs to guys is when you talk about you ex or all of your exes.  No one wants to hear about your past mistakes.  So when you are talking about your past and your past relationships you can mention your ex but do not keep bringing your ex into the conversations.  This will probably make the guy run for cover because he will think that you still want the ex and not him.  If you are interested in a future with the new guy you should focus on the present and not the past.  This way you will both be happy.

Do Not Be Too Needy For Love

One of the biggest reasons a guy will run is when the girl they are seeing is too needy for love.  They guy does not want you to seem desperate or feel that you need to be in a relationship to be happy.  What you need to show the guy is that you can be happy by yourself or in a relationship with him.  Once he realizes this then he will want to spend more and more time with you.

Leave Some Mystery

Secret turn offs for guys is that the girl is like an open book.  What this means is that she lays everything out on the table and there is no mystery to her at all.  Guys like mystery and will be drawn to it.  Without it they might get bored and will often go where the mystery remains.  Therefore it is important that you do not tell him every detail regarding your life in the beginning of the relationship.  You should leave some details out for him to discover at later times.

Watch The Amount Of Perfume You Wear

It is important that you do not overdo it with the amount of perfume or body splash that you put on.  You should not smell like you took a bath in it and he certainly does not need to smell you before you even get to him.  What you should do is only apply your perfume once a day and let the guy get close to you to smell it.

Do Not Be Rude

Being rude is a huge turn off when it comes to being with a guy.  Gentleman often watch how they speak when they are with their lady friends and when a girl swears and is rude this is an almost immediate turn off.  All women should learn to be polite and kind and they will find that it will make them much more attractive to all men.

Do Not Smoke

Believe it or not smoking is one of the biggest turns off for a guy.  Even though they will not often admit it when a lady is smoking the guy is turned off.  This is because is stinks, tastes bad and leads to an unhealthy life.  No one wants to get involved with someone who is not living a long and healthy life style.


Dating is the part of the relationship.  If you do not know what turns off a guy then you are going to have an even harder time understanding what happens during the relationship.  The thought above are all examples of what turns off a guy.  Of course there are also many more and these can be discovered during your relationship or even before if you spend a little time doing some research.


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