You Might Be Ruining Your Relationship And You Do Not Even Know It

ruining relationship

Dating is not an easy thing to succeed at. In fact you might be overlooking the fact that you could be ruining your relationship. If you seem that nothing can go the right way in your relationship or when you break up you are always blaming the other person involved the actual problem might be you. In the article below you will find examples of how you could be sabotaging your relationships. If any of these sound like you it can be fixed and you can be on the road to the perfect relationship.

Keeping Your Options Open

If you are always trying to keep your options open you are probably guilty of ruining every relationship you have ever been in. What this means is that you do not want to be tied down to only one person. Instead of committing to only one person you would rather date a few people at one time. You might be finding that the perfect guy is not looking for this kind of situation and will move on from you and give someone else his undivided attention.

Do Not Want The Relationship To Grow

Another relationship deal breaker is that you do not like change and would prefer that the relationship does not grow. You would rather have everything stay exactly like it is. Yes a routine is a good thing but if you are not making any progress in your relationship that is not a good thing. Often times you will need to step out of your comfort zone and move on to the next step within the relationship.

You Are Looking For Someone Who Needs To Be Fixed

As a woman you will have the natural instinct to solve problems. Many say that this is a maternal instinct of a woman. Therefore when a woman is looking for a partner in her relationship she is often looking for someone who needs to be fixed. This is a big no no in a relationship and will lead to disaster before the relationship really has a chance to grow.

You Do Not Know What You Want

When you start off in a relationship not knowing what you want you can often lead the relationship right into a disaster waiting to happen. This does not mean that you have to have a list of everything that you want that you carry around with you but you should have a general idea of what you are looking for in a partner. When you know this information is will help in selecting someone who might be the right pick for you and not waste your time.

No One Is Perfect

When you first jump into a relationship you might thing that everything is perfect and the other person in the relationship is perfect as well. However what you need to remember is that nothing and no one is perfect and there will be a day sometime soon that you will realize that. There is no need to get upset when this happens. In fact when a person is not perfect it means that they are real and that he/she is showing you the real person they are.

You might be in the best relationship that you have ever been in right at this moment. It is important that you do not sabotage the relationship without even knowing that you are doing it. If you follow the advice listed above you might be able to save the relationship you are in before it gets out of control.

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