Ideas for Sensual Romance in the Bedroom

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There are various aspects to a romantic relationship and having all of them in the right proportion to each other is the key to a successful romance. When we think about relationships and how we can infuse romance in special moments we tend to steer more towards locations like restaurants or resorts but we forget that a very intimate and essential aspect is our own room that holds more special memories than any other place. However, when we do figure this out and try to make the bedroom more romantic the whole deal gets way too expensive. This is because as soon as you type in for suggestions the internet opens a plethora of articles for you that range from telling you to change the entire bedding to replacing the existing lamps for the ones with better and softer glow. Now all this may work wonders but changing an entire aspect like paint or furniture of the room can cost you a lot. Moreover, they become even more un-achievable when people are living on rent. The following article is an effort to solve these problems for people who do not want to indulge in such pocket wrenching changes yet want spice things up a bit for their partner.

Simple steps to enhance the romance

There are a couple of things that you should do for starters like remove anything that is littering on the floor or is not useful anymore, but is still lying around, to put it simply tidy up the room and get rid of the things that make the room stuffy and disarrayed. Getting professionals to do the paint may cost you much so you can always do that yourself. It will still be as effective and just a little cheaper. Changing the entire bedding is costly but you can always buy some nice soft sheets that compliment your room more to enhance your romance in the bedroom.

Adding Some Dramatic Elements

Romance and music go hand in hand so preparing a mix of your favorite songs for special occasions can always be a good idea. The ambience of the room is a very essential trigger in your romantic life so having shades that cast a warm glow can add to the effect if you do not have beautiful shades or some tasteful art decorating walls, add them it will change the entire atmosphere of the room. Everyone knows flowers and candles are synonymous to sensual; also give your bed a royal feel by adding pillows of various sizes and colors.

All of the above were certain basic and conventional things that you could do. However, if it does not satisfy your expectation then you can take it a notch up and try something different like playing with mirrors. You can buy mirrors or use the one you have and then place them at places that are not usual, it is completely up to you. For those who are renting an apartment, you may not be allowed to paint the walls but you can always use some sheer fabric to add your favorite colors to your bedroom.

A canopy is very romantic but expensive too; however, you can try and make one of your own; buy some hooks from any hardware store and hang fabric in color that you both like. You have to remember that your room is your room and not meant for storage so get all the clutter out and replace it with flower vases, romantic books, and erotic art whatever you may like.

No need to buy new lamps when you can get creative with colorful bulbs and the lamps you already possess. Also, you can make use of Christmas lights. If you believe in Feng Shui, keep in mind to keep articles as pillows, lamps, etc. in pair in your bedroom.

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