15 Worst Questions You Should Never Ask On First Date

questions should never ask on the first date

Boy oh boy, after having many rejections asking why we don’t get any date is very obvious! Probably our looks are the reason we think, but wait have you noticed your date going blank or leave you in the middle? Well then it might be not your looks but the questions you ask! Dates are easy to find but very difficult to maintain, we all are in search of that perfect one, but it is also us who make them run away. Well, it is what it is, and take a look at questions should never ask on the first date. Or probably any date.

Questions should never ask on the first date

How OLD are you?

Even if she is younger than you, remember one thing, and fit it into your brain that women do not like to answer about their age and they will never give this answer fluently because she is angry at the same time uncomfortable answering this. It is entirely beyond answerable to them, not only some but all women hate these question asked.

Women are flamboyant when it comes to their age, so this can be easily numbered 1 question to avoid asking them.

Do you have underpants on right now?

Yes, this is one of the questions which people like to ask their date, well, people don’t even ask this question to known girls! In any case, they should not answer this, and one should never ask this. Just the sound of this question brings out your personality as a big pervert and Women avoid such conversations at first date. It does not sound good. If you ask this question, you will lose every single hope and chance to know if she has any underwear on or not.

Cheap, isn’t it? But people tend to be competitive on their first date, Women call it off instantly, and they die alone, well an earned respect to be exact!

What is your weight?

So one is age and the second one is weight, women would lie to these question, and in some cases, they will just ignore it casually, but in the back of their head, they are already thinking about dropping you and never calling back. Women are conscious of this. Not only Women but also Men become awkward when this question arises. Whatever you ask but do not dare to ask this question on the first date.

Are you Virgin?

Oh no, did you just ask this question? Do you also intend to ask this to your life partner? No, no ways this problem is logical or valid in any way.

Have you ever kissed someone on the first date?

What? Even a question to ask? How can you expect someone to kiss you after you ask such question to that person? Even if she did kiss someone on the first date, your chances are over before the start of a romantic night! Girls hate to answer the obvious and the questions which make them feel awkward answering.

What is the size of your Bra?

Just take a second and say this question loud in your head! Does it sound creepy? Exactly, and it seems more disturbing to Women, asking about bra size is like you are judging the girl by her bra size and neglecting her personality. It is none of your business, and it shouldn’t be. Date over.

Since when did you have your last Sex?

Not everybody answers this, yes some people would, but your pervert intention would flaunt out from this. It can also ruin the pleasant mood for both of you. And even while shifting the topic from this question, you can find difficult to bring her back in the same feeling as before. It is always inappropriate questioning about people’s sexual lives.

How much do you earn?

She can be a struggle and not ready for this question; she can be a billionaire, she can be everything you cannot expect. It can turn out that you earn less than her. But asking about her earnings can secretly tell her that “Let me depend upon your earning honey.”

In for threesome?

Whoa! Is it even possible someone would say yes? If yes then please please guide us, but there is no such thing as sober threesome there is always a drunken mistake. So, if you are planning to ask this, then please expect a slap from the girl.

Your Friend looks so hot!

Complimenting your date’s best friend on the first date? Who does that? It is a turn-off, the girl would think that you are more interested in mingling with her to flirt with her friends and do something more in the relationship. Please do not do that.

I Don’t want to get married you care?

How could she not care about it? A girl always expects to marry her boyfriend someday, and you just tell her to care less about that? Never going to happen, forget about making your date a bride, she won’t agree on becoming your Girlfriend too.

Do you Watch porn?

You are meeting a woman the first time, and you ask her if she likes porn? How can it possibly make any sense! Women are very conservating about their sexual desire, then how can you imagine her to speak her heart out from this question? It would make the situations worse.

Can I bring my best friend?

No, please no! Your date would expect you to come along at least on your first date; she would never get comfortable with a company.

I love you, do you?

Never ask this and make your date uncomfortable. Just don’t ask this for god’s sake. It seems that you want to pressurize this girl, or trying to put some responsibility on her.

Can I touch you? Just once?

This will make you look a looser and forget about just once; she won’t let you touch her ever! This sounds like you are begging for attention or something else? Do you want to look like that on the first date? You automatically hold hands if everything goes well, maybe you can be the one who keeps her hand forever since the first date.

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