Young women choosing public health careers over love: An overview

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Have you heard of the public health field? This is a growing field that offers a unique perspective on the medical profession. There are a number of different careers that are a part of this field. On top of that, it is a crucial piece to understanding how people react to different diseases and illnesses. When considering a degree or a new field of study, consider the public health field.

What is Public Health?

Understanding what public health is helps you understand why it’s so important. If you have ever walked into a city or county health office, you have worked with those in the public health profession. Public health is a broad field that includes nearly anyone who is working with or for the public to diagnose, treat, or research medical issues that affect us all. Public health is not necessarily concerned with the health of individuals, but rather the health of the community and population as a whole.

What Careers are Available in Public Health?

If you are considering a career in public health, there are several options. For example, you could work as a public health doctor. This would require both a doctoral degree as well as a Master’s in Public Health. You can get an MPH online to augment your doctoral degree and further your career.

Medical researchers also work for the benefit of public health. They research medical problems that affect everyone and work on developing cures. If you’ve ever had a vaccine, you’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of the public health field.

How Do You Pursue a Career in Public Health?

Pursuing a career in public health is similar to pursuing a career in any other field. You need to make sure that you have the right credentials for the job you’re considering. In some cases you’ll need extensive education. In other cases you may simply need to be great with people. There are careers available within the field throughout the country. Consider contacting your county public health office to find out more about open positions. Another option is to talk to the hospitals and clinics in your area.

How Does Public Health Affect Me?

Whether or not you pursue a career in public health, it’s important to make sure that you understand the impact that the field has on everyone in your community. Health scares that you hear about in the media are researched and investigated by those in the field. Medications, vaccines, and more are all researched by those in public health. Those who work in the field are working diligently to help fight deadly diseases and ensure that you and those around you stay as healthy as possible.

The medical profession itself is a broad field. Public health is a piece of this, but it encompasses so much that it is difficult to truly define what careers are and aren’t a part of it. Public health plays an integral role in keeping communities together and healthy.

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