Positive Thinking Might Not Be As Healthy For You As You Think

The definition of positive thinking is simply put as thinking and thinking only.  It does not mean that you are feeling anything.  This can cause many different problems.  One of the main problems is that thinking and not feeling can rob you of your life.  You are being robbed of your life because you are not really living it when you are only thinking.  You need to be able to feel and experience the reality of what is actually happening around you.  There are man different ways that positive thinking can be detrimental to the way of life you are living.

Blocking Things Out

Often time people will use positive thinking to block things out.  Sometimes it is because people do not want to believe that something bad is going on around the while others are blocking things out to believe that things are better than they actually are.  We do not like to be hurt and by thinking positive all of the time we will not have that feeling at all.  However this could be a potentially dangerous time of our life it you are trying to block a dangerous situation out of your life.

Positive Thinking Can Ruin Relationships

When you are trying to think positive about every aspect of your life this can have an opposite affect on different areas of your life.  An example of this is your relationships.  If you are a person that thinks positive about everything no matter what it is you might find yourself angry with someone who is trying to express the exact truth to you.  Feeling empathy towards a person might help you understand what they are going through but sometimes it is also a problem with the positive thinking gets in the way and the emotional and true feelings do not come through all of the way. No matter how hard some one tries sometimes it is impossible to feel the full amount of pain that someone else is feeling and it can often push people away.

Sometimes Positive Thinking Is Necessary

There are many situations where positive thinking cannot be avoided and is used to cope with a positive attitude.  In situations like these positive thinking can actually help and can be a necessary item in life.  This will leave us to deal with our true feelings at a later time or even in a different place.

Being Open With Our Feelings

Being open with our feelings is not always an easy thing to do and will often leave you vulnerable.  Many people do not understand what being open is about.  What is means is letting people know how you feel at all times.  Some call it being very outspoken while others call it speaking their minds.  You might even have people block you out of their lives because of it.  However it is a healthy habit to get into simply because you are not holding things in and your feelings are being expressed.  Whether they are good or bad feelings.  This can be a very healthy habit to get into.

When you are thinking positive about everything you are possibly blocking out what is actually happening around you and your true feelings.  It is often times a good thing to think positive but can also be a negative aspect of your life.  If you are a person who is a positive thinker you should continue thinking like this but try not to block out the reality of what is actually happening around you.  You need to be able to see the truth and not what you have yourself tricked into thinking and seeing.

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