Online Dating is a Boon to the Serious Career Woman

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Online dating sites have revolutionized how we meet prospective romantic partners. For people with busy lives who spend a lot of time online anyway, it has been a real boon to the process of trying to meet new people, screen for real potential for a long term relationship, and start building that relationship in a low risk, comfortable manner.

For people who are plugged in, who are comfortable socializing via email, social media and text messages, online dating is remarkably convenient. You can flirt from your smartphone on your fifteen minute break at work and begin establishing a real connection while still preserving your privacy. No one at work has to have any idea that you are getting hooked up and managing your private life in between meetings.

In the past, the serious career woman faced substantial challenges in trying to get a personal life at all. Historically, it was often the case that having a real career meant giving up having a personal life. The Internet and online dating sites are doing a world of good for serious career women.

If you got serious about your career later in life or if your time constraints are due to having a more mature career, you probably are not as young as you once were. The reality is that most men prefer a woman who is about their age or younger. Relatively few men are willing to date women that substantially older than they are. This means that on many dating sites, women over the age of 40 have a very poor response rate. This can be incredibly and unnecessarily discouraging. Plenty of mature women are still very happening.

The good news is that most women in that age range are not specifically looking for substantially younger men. This means the problem is not their age per se. The problem is the demographics of the dating pool in question. This is an easily solved problem. There are now sites that aim specifically to serve a mature population. Click here to see an example of such a site.

This is happy news for women who want to have their cake and eat it too. Mature women who prioritize having a career, but also want a personal life, can make that happen by making sure they select a service that will serve their needs well by exposing to them to the right pool of prospects. The right dating pool is one where the men are old enough to still see her as a pretty young thing, understand and appreciate her interest in a deep emotional bond, and are themselves looking for a serious relationship, not a short term fling.

This is not merely a means to cull the men who will not reply at all based solely on your age. It is a means to find those men with whom you have something in common. These are men with the kind of personal assets a mature woman desires, such as patience, compassion and shared values. This is the way happening, mature people meet today and foster the relationship they want for tomorrow.

These days, there are some great ladies looking for love in all the right places. They are wise enough to not waste their time by fishing where their bait won’t work.

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