New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make Your Relationship Better


Almost everyone will make New Year resolutions. Some of us will make the resolution to lose weight, save money, do better in school or even advance our careers but there is another resolution that many people do not think about making and that is to better our relationships. Below you will find tips on what kind of resolutions to make for your relationship and how to stick with them.

Be A Better Listener

When you are in a relationship one of the best things you can do is learn how to become a better listener. Almost all of us need practice with listening from time to time. This is an important skill to learn but it is not easy. However if you make sure that you are concentrating on what the person in your life is saying and do not let your mind wander during the conversations you will learn how to do this quickly. You will then make your partner feel like what they are saying matters and he or she will be much happier with you.

Practice Being Appreciative

When you have relationships it is easy to take the other person for granted. Everyone has a life that is busy with work, school and other things that jump up and need your attention. Having these responsibilities makes it difficult to see the little ways that your other half goes out of the way for you. In your New Year’s resolution you should make a part of it to notice these things and be thankful for them.

Schedule A Date Each Week

Both couples who are married and those that are dating should make a resolution to have a date night each week. When you are in a relationship that is committed it is not hard for you to get into the habit of just hanging out instead of actually going on a date. This can lead to the romance in your relationship going away and no one wants that to happen. However by planning one night a week to have a date you can keep the romance alive and strong.

Be Understanding

When you are in a relationship you often times will forget to try and see things from the other person’s point of view. Most of us will only worry about our own feelings and no one else’s. It is important that you try to be more understanding to the other person involved in the relationship. If you do this you will find that the other person will also be more understanding towards you as well.


When you are in a relationship it is important that you are being honest. Honesty is the best policy. When you are honest with the other person he or she will be encouraged to be honest as well and that will make your relationship much stronger. The relationship will then be allowed to grow and will be much better.

Have High Standards

It is important that when you are in a relationship that you have resolutions for just yourself as well. One of these resolutions should be to have high standards in your relationships. Many people are treated poorly within the relationships that they are in. If you have high standards for yourself this will not happen.

Having New Year’s resolutions is something important that everyone involved in a committed relationship should have. These resolutions will help to build your relationship stronger as well as yourself. Of course the resolutions that are listed above are only a few of them there are many more that could be possibilities for you and your partner.

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