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For the most part, sex is still a pretty primal activity. When you really break it down, it’s just two people, following their biological urges. Maybe it’s sex’s simplicity in a complicated world that make some want to keep it that way—hindering it from evolving into something more. But if the intimate nature of, say, Valentine’s Day or simply a big date has you reflecting on your own sex life, in a not so favorable light, it may be time to consider how modern technology can transform your sex life for the better.

Usually when you hear “sex” and “technology” in the same conversation, it’s one you probably don’t want to be a part of.

I get it. Personally, my thought process would put the pieces together and assume the conversation was about super high-def pornography or life-like sex toy dolls. To each their own, of course, but even as a self-proclaimed open-minded woman, there are still some things that can make me blush. However, for those of you who feel the same— relax. Modern technology is actually working hard to in your favor to increase sex drive and satisfaction.

Just as there have been well-known products over the years created to aid in men’s sexual experience—lest we forget the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte recommends an inflatable penile implant to her husband suffering from E.D.—the complexity of a woman’s sexual satisfaction have made for far less substantial options outside of the standard vibrator.

Recently, however, new products have created ways for women to take advantage of some of the latest technological breakthroughs—all in the name orgasms. God bless the sciences.

According to The Daily Beast, a product currently in clinical trials at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, could soon become available to aid women suffering from vaginal atrophy—a condition that NAMS (The North American Menopause Society) estimates effects between 20 to 45 percent of middle-aged and elderly women. Precipitated by menopause, vaginal atrophy occurs when the walls of the vagina become thin and dry out. The condition can cause intercourse to be anywhere from slightly uncomfortable to downright painful, but all that could soon change with the availability of what Daily Beast writer Samantha Allen calls “The Laser that Could Save Women’s Sex Lives”—The Mona Lisa Touch.

The Mona Lisa Touch is the first intravaginal laser treatment approved by the FDA for stimulating collagen production inside the vagina. In doing so, they can restore the vaginal mucosa, which makes up the membranes responsible for hydrating the vaginal cavity.

For some women, introduction of the product is the first time they will have a safe way to alleviate their symptoms. Previously the most common solution to the problem was hormone therapies that increased estrogen levels. But as Allen points out, “Women who have an estrogen contraindication—including women with breast cancer, a history of stroke, or certain forms of heart disease—often cannot undergo any form of estrogen therapy.” But because use of the laser targets the symptom area directly without effecting hormones, women with estrogen contraindication now have a safe viable way of treating the disorder.

More lubrication doesn’t just mean more enjoyable sex. It’s hypothesized that the product could be beneficial for a woman’s urinary function, which can also be hindered by vaginal atrophy.

But Mona Lisa Touch isn’t the only toy using modern advancements to increase women’s sexual satisfaction. There are current high-tech products on shelves that women can take advantage of just in time for Feb. 14. One of the best-reviewed items from Adam and Eve, the We-Vibe III has taken advantage of new wireless technology. Far from the past designs of a typical vibrator, this device is rechargeable, hands-free, and operates by way of a remote control. Not only that, but the stand—yes, it comes with a stand for sanitary purposes, but if you think it looks pretty as a decorative piece on your nightstand, more power to you—comes with a USB adapter that allows you to charge it by using the power from your computer.

But wait! There’s more!

There are some products for women in the developmental and planning stages that are pushing the limits even further. While everyone else was worrying over whether people could use 3D printers to make cars, some companies took off running in very different direction.

As an article from Jezebelexplained, the process of replicating a man’s penis using a 3D printer and turning it into your own personal toy is on the rise in the sex toy industry. As they describe the process, “They use lasers to scan your penis and then print out a dildo with your exact length, girth, curve, and vein structure.”

Although the process will cost you upwards of a couple hundred dollars, there’s no denying its innovation. Aside from the product’s potential benefits, using something so advanced for something so unconventional has my curiosity piqued enough to keep me tuned-in for updates. I just have too many questions.

For example, who in the world was their first “model?” And how did that interview conversation go?

Whether you’re looking for a way to combat a medical disorder or just searching for a way to rekindle your romance, there’s a lot to look forward to. We’ve certainly come a long way from hand crank vibrators (yep, those were real) and the days of tossing out our lingerie once things went dry. By now, you should know that you’re only as young as you feel, and with the help of modern technology, you’re sure to start feeling a whole lot younger soon!

Image credits to : Muy Femenino

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