Men Like Other Things In Women Other Than What They Look Like

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Believe it or not when a man is attracted to a women it could be for more than her looks.  Most women believe that men only look for looks or even the size of the bra she wears.  However this is not entirely true.  Of course the physical appearance is one of the first things he will notice but in the end that is not what it is all about.  There are many non-physical things that men are looking for.  If you are interested in knowing what these things are read on to learn more.

A Good Listener

A man loves to find a woman that has the ability to just listen without putting in her two cents.  No one likes to be lectured or be given advice when he does not ask for it.  By simply listening you will show your man that you care and are interested in what is going on in his life.  And the good thing is that when you listen to him in return he will listen to you.


Another trait that men look for in a woman is the ability to be spontaneous.  Men like their partner to be able to go with the flow and not have everything planned out.  Examples of being spontaneous can be breaking out into a song or a dance or even surprising him with a gift for no reason.  It does not have to be something big and extraordinary to be spontaneous and special.

A Good Driver

It is common knowledge that men always complain about the way females drive.  A man would live to meet a woman who is a great driver.  Of course this is not something that every woman can accomplish and often times a man is not the greatest driver either.

Accomplished And Fulfilled

If you are a woman who is actually enjoying the things you are doing you will look more attractive to the man in your life.  Whining about things will annoy people and it does not matter how pretty you are on the outside.  You will be less attractive if you do not have a positive attitude.  If you feel like you are accomplishing things you will feel more attractive to everyone.

Enjoying Food

Trying to eat healthier is one thing however if you are dieting and being crazy about it you will find that it does not impress the man in your life.  One thing that men like is being able to take a woman out to a restaurant and watch her relax and have a good time.  If you are more worried about the amount of calories you are eating you will not have a good time and it will show.  Instead you should be confident and have fun.

Be A Good Cook

It is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Men love a woman who can cook.  If you cannot cook but are willing to learn the man in your life will love that too.  It might be a cliche but a woman should be able to take care of her man.


Men do not like women who are fake.  This does not just mean fake body parts either.  This also includes having a fake personality.  If you are looking for more than just a casual romance you will be want to act like yourself and be real.  You should be the fun loving, girl next door that everyone knows and loves.

Be Ready To Compromise

As a woman in a relationship you need to be ready to compromise.  The man in the relationship will feel better knowing that you are willing to negotiate and help find a solution to any problems that you may encounter along the way.

There are many things that men find attractive about women.  The above are only a few examples.  Of course you should also remember that every man is different and will look for different things within his relationship.

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