Looking Great On Your Date

When you have asked out the person you have been thinking about and she says yes the big decisions need to be made.  These decisions are trying to decide what to do on the date as well as the big one of what to wear.  This can be a time consuming and nervous time for a guy.  However if you follow the tips given below in this article you will find that looking great on your date will be simple and easy.

Smell Good

It is a known fact that a woman has a better sense of smell than a man does.  What many people do not know is that when a woman is in the middle of her monthly menstrual cycle her sense of smell is even sharper.  Often times the way a man smells will help a woman decide if the man is attractive to her or not.  One of the best ways a man can smell good to a woman is to wear leather.  Leather has a smooth fragrance and is one perfect way to get to her sense of smell.

What To Wear

Many studies have shown that women prefer taller men to shorter men.  Therefore you need to make yourself look taller.  A great way to make yourself look taller is to wear pinstripes.  By wearing lines that are vertical you will make yourself look taller without having to stand on your tiptoes all night.


When woman are seeking out a partner there are three things they are looking for.  Those items are status, class and of course success.  When a woman says that looks are not everything she means it.  It is important to make yourself look like you are a successful person even if you are not as successful as you wish you were.  A good way to make yourself look like the person she is searching for is to spend a little bit of money on watches and shoes.  These are items that a woman always looks for.

Your Face

One of the first things a woman will look at on you is your face. Even if you are not the most handsome creature to walk the earth you can help your face look more attractive by the way you dress.  By wearing a straight point collar shirt you will find that your face will be framed perfect and therefore you will be dressed your best.


Colors say a lot about a person and a woman has a great sense of color and a great color memory as well.  By using different colors you will see that you will attract the woman that the woman will remember you better.  For instance the color pink will have woman coming to you it indicated intimacy and sensitivity.  While the color orange for instance is more active.  When orange is worn it shows a high energy level and outgoing nature.

Use The Sense Of Touch To Your Advantage

When you are on a date it is important to get the woman to touch you.  Touch is one of the most sensitive of the senses and woman love to be touched.  Of course you should apply lotion and/or moisturizer to be sure that you skin is nice and soft when she touches you back.  No one likes the feel of sandpaper.

When you are getting ready for a date and on a date with a woman it is important that you follow the tips above as well as other tips that are common sense.  You will want to look your best and be on your best behavior when you are on a date.  With any luck your date will go well and you will have another.

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