The Benefits Of A Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship

If you have ever been involved in a long distance relationship you know first hand that they are a lot of hard work.  If this is something that you are considering between you and your partner there are benefits that can be had by a relationship of this status.  Once you know these benefits you might then realize that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

You Get To Know Each Other Really Well

If you are looking at the benefits of a long distance relationship one of the tops benefits is that you get to know each other really well.  The reason for this is that the interactions you have with the other person are on a deeper communication level.  What this means is that when you communicate with the other person you are developing communication skills and habits that that will grow with your relationship and will help you later on down the road.

You Learn To Appreciate The Other Person More

If you are involved in a long distance relationship you will learn how to appreciate the other person even more than usual.  When you are together you will notice that you will enjoy the interactions you have more and you will focus all of your time and energy on those times.  You will also find that you will not take each other for granted.

You Will Have Something To Look Forward To

When you are in a long distance relationship you will find yourself looking forward to the little things such as a text or a telephone call.  But you will also find yourself looking forward to the trips to see each other.  When you do visit each other you will find that you will always be meeting new people and there will be new things for you to do and enjoy.  The subject of being bored will not usually come up.

Romance Is Real In A Long Distance Relationship

When you are in a long distance relationship you will find that you will have the chance to express yourself in a way that you would not if you lived closer together.  Of course what this also means is that sometimes you have to be a little more creative and definitely more romantic than you would need to if you lived closer.  A long distance relationship means that you will have more excuses to send letters, cards and even flowers to the other person that you might not do otherwise.

You Will Have Great Communication Skills

Being involved in a long distance relationship will force you to learn how to communicate better than you ever did before.  You will also learn how to connect with your partner on a deeper level and more meaningful conversations but you will also learn how to address and resolve problems that may arise.

The Distance Between You Will Fuel Your Desire

When a couple is far away from each other the desire that grows between them is fueled and your relationship will definitely have sparks when you are together.  This will keep your relationship from growing monotonous.  You will miss each other and the passion will be felt in your relationship when you are together.

Memorable Moments

Even though you are living apart from each other when you are together you will find yourself working harder to put effort into the time you are together.  This will lead to many memorable moments together and you will be able to remember them for a very long time.

If you find yourself in a long distance relationship you will soon find out that it involves a lot of hard work but it will be worth it in the end when you have found that you will not confuse lust with love.

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  1. My boyfriend and I have managed to survive our three-year (and counting!) relationship with 8 hours worth of travel between us. At first, it was difficult and we found the need to catch up on each others’ days. But now, we both understand that trust is a major factor in making a relationship work. And, thanks to technology, we can easily update each other whenever something happens. Otherwise, we just “see” each other at the ebd of the week or every few days.

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