It is More Important To Give Than To Receive Love

If you ask anyone you would find that most people would rather receive love than to give love.  However it is actually more important to give than to receive love.  It has been found that the more love we give the more love we will actually receive.  This is found to be true because what we give to other people we are actually giving to ourselves as well.

What Love Allows

When a person is allowing himself or herself to love they will find that they will feel very liberated.  Being able to love makes everything in our lives seem worth it.  Everything will seem like it is coming alive.  Love will make you feel powerful and free and will allow us to live life feeling happy and fun to be around.

Being Ourselves

As a typical person we all have egos.  Most of the time our ego will tell us that we are much better than other people that we come into contact with.  We cannot always rely upon our egos to live our life.  Our ego will tell us that that we are not good enough or deserving of certain things.  This is not always true.  Our ego may be what identifies us but it is not really who we are.  In fact many people believe their egos for a long time only to find out later that that was a sad mistake.  By consciously choosing to love ourselves and others you can break the nightmare cycle of being miserable because that is what the ego says you should do.

Focus On Giving Love

Most of us are focused on getting the love that we think we should be getting from others.  What most of us do not know is that while we are focused so intently on that aspect we do not realize that we do not love ourselves or anyone else.  In cases like this you will find yourself searching for love in all of the wrong places.

Finding a connection within yourself will help you to connect with yourself.  Once you find that you are able to love yourself you will find that loving others is much easier.  You will find that loving is easy and that eventually love is all that will matter to you.  Loving yourself as well as others is much easier that withholding or blocking out love all together.  Doing that takes much more work than actually loving.  We discover throughout this entire learning to love process that we will withhold giving love for the simple fact that we do not know if we are going to get that love back in return.  Others will ruin our expectations of what we want from other people and will end up turning us off to loving other people.

When doing something as easy as focusing ourselves on giving love rather than receiving it from other people we find that we will free ourselves of needing the love and approval of other people.  We will find ourselves giving unconditional love without expecting to receive anything in return.

Blocking Love

If you find yourself blocking love from other people you will realize that this is not healthy either.  This will block the natural flow of energy and will make us unhappy.  Often times we block it for the simple fact that we feel unworthy or undeserving but blocking love is never the correct answer.

Love is important in everyone’s lives without love no one will ever be happy.  Where most people make the mistake is that they want love in return when they love someone. This is not the answer.  You should give love without the expectation of receiving something in return.

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