The Signs That Point To Him Being In Love With You

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If you are in a new relationship you might not know the signs on whether he is in love with you or not. As you move further into the relationship you will find that the signs will be easier to spot but if you are just starting out it will be hard to figure him out. New relationships can be difficult in the beginning but they can also be just as exciting. You might want the relationship to turn into something that is long term but how will you know if that is what he wants also. This article will help to explain some of the signs of him falling in love with you and try to help out with the guessing game.

Eye Contact

When you are in a relationship with a guy you will be able to tell if he is really into you and possibly falling in love with you if he makes eye contact with you. If a guy is not interested in something he will almost all the time look away. However if you notice that your guy is always looking into your eyes and not losing the eye contact very often you will probably notice that he is falling in love with you if he has not already.

Interested In You

If you find that the man in your relationship is starting to ask more questions about you and seems to be diving into who you really are it is a true sign that he is falling for you. When a male is really interested in a female it is known that he will start asking questions to get to know her better. These can be questions about her secrets, her wants and her dreams. Once these questions start it is time to start getting ready for a serious relationship because he is definitely into you.


If your boyfriend is not the touchy feely type of person and all of the sudden he cannot keep his hands off of you meaning he is either touching you or wanting to cuddle you all of the time it is definitely a sign that he loves you. This is a magical time and you should enjoy every minute of it while it lasts. Once the newness wears off you will find that you relationship will go back to its old ways again.

Small Touches All Of The Time

There is a difference between small touches and cuddling. Small touches will show you just exactly how much a guy is into you. It could be a small touch to your lower back or even the crook of your arm. It just goes to show you that he cannot get enough of you.

You Get To Meet His Friends

If a man is in love with you he will not be scared to introduce you to his friends. In the guy world if his friends see that you make him happy as the woman in his life they will love you almost immediately. So when he decides that it is time that you meet his friends you know that you are on the road to love.

Meeting His Family

Once you have met his friends the next step is his family. Many times a guy will not bring a girl home to meet mom and dad because they are scared of what everyone will think. However if you are with a guy and he decides that you need to meet his family he is probably ready to admit that he loves you.

Being in a relationship is a big step for many guys however once the signs are starting to show that he is in love with you it will only be a matter of time before he admits it. The above are only a few of the signs that a guy will do there are many others. However the ones listed here are the most common and most talked about.

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