Tips To Impress Your Partner or Girl with Chat or Online Dating

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Times have changed and so have the dynamics of the relationships we have. Life has become busier, and that has had a direct influence over the proximity that one used to have in their romantic relationships. We no longer have hours to sit near the river and watch the sunset but since technology has vowed to solve all our problems it has provided an effective way to spend time together while being away from one another through online chatting and dating. Nowadays young people prefer this medium of communication over anything else; it has no doubt become their primary source of entertainment.

Use the Net to Impress Your Girl

So how about when you want to impress someone you like, can you do that via internet too? Of course! There are a few steps that you do need to mind, but nothing that you cannot figure out on your own. The very basic thing that you need to repeat to yourself like a mantra and never stray from is that be yourself, many people have a tendency to become over charming or something they are absolutely not in order to impress a girl. You need to remember that the girl in question is not stupid and even though you are chatting online she will at some point or the other will see through the facade. The deal goes just the way it is with guys when you can see through a girl’s personality, her shrill laugh or the over the top makeup she is wearing; you can tell when they are trying to be something else than themselves. Similarly, when you are chatting, and you pretend something she will sooner or later figure it out. The main thing here is to remain yourself, be comfortable in your own skin and project who you really are.

Some Quick Tips

Whenever you are chatting in online dating there are a couple of things that you need to keep under check if you want to impress your girl. First of all never try “too” hard. It is ironic, but the most effective way to impress someone is by not trying to impress them; you have to mask the whiff of desperation that comes when you try too hard. When you are too flirty or too generous with the compliments the girls easily check you off as someone who is desperate and if you mention a lot about your achievements or assets they will consider you a “show off” and this will land you in a category with every other guy trying on her.

It is obvious that you will use some of your traits to impress her, but those traits have to be “yours.” I mean you should try to impress her with your confidence or compassion or by some hobby you have or the goals you are passionate about, never try to impress a girl by how rich you are. Things that your parents earn belong to them and thinking that a girl would be money-minded is the biggest mistake you can commit in trying to impress her.

It always works if you talk more about her; your conversations should be such that make her laugh. You both should be able to discuss usual topics and not just each other’s personality in online dating.

Sense of humor, looks, wit all is important but the most essential aspect of impressing someone is by showing them how intellectual you are. Read extensively and stay updated, nothing charms a girl quicker and better than a self-assured and knowledgeable guy. This will surely make you standout than the standard pretentious options she has.

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