How To Know What Healthy Love Is

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When you are starting out in a relationship or even if the relationship you are currently in has been going on for a long while now you might not know if what you have together is healthy love. You must be able to identify what healthy love is because you can really understand exactly what the true meaning of love is. To help you figure out what healthy love is you can read below for some identifying factors.

Get A Better Understanding Of What Love Is

When you are trying to learn how to identify what healthy love you should be able to identify the difference between what like is and what love is. When you like someone you will like certain things about him or her but you may not want to spend the rest of your life with them. However when you love someone you will be able to make a commitment to the person you are involved in a relationship with.

You Both Have A Common And Shared Purpose

If you are working on a long-term relationship that you wish to remain healthy you both must share a common purpose. What this means is that both of you should be working together on the same goals. If each of you is working towards something different the relationship will not be healthy and will probably not work out.


When you first start out in a relationship it will require some adjustment from both of you. This will require patience on both sides of the relationship.   You will also find that once you have become comfortable with each other that later on down the road you will probably require patience again. Relationships change over time and with each change there will be an adjustment period. However if you get impatient throughout the growth of the relationship you might find that it could be detrimental.

Have Honest Communication

One of the most important traits within a relationship is that of communication. Honest communication is the key that will help to make the relationship healthy. Of course there will be days where there might be some snarling at each other but as long as you remain honest you should be able to work through those times. You should never be afraid to say the word no within a relationship and you should be able to maintain all of your self-respect.


When you are in a committed relationship you will soon realize that there will be bonds that are established. What this means is that you will need to remain loyal to that person. There should be no cheating on either side of the relationship. However it is important to mention that loyalty is not only regarding faithfulness. It also includes trusting the other person in the relationship with all decisions they may make.

Have Fun Together And Alone

Every relationship needs to include a fun factor. It is not healthy to be serious all of the time. If you are involved in a relationship that is boring all of the time this will lead to problems later on in the relationship. However it is important to mention that you cannot be together every second of every day therefore you need to learn how to have fun alone as well as together.

Every relationship has the ability to be a healthy relationship. This is especially true if you follow all of the tips above as well as maybe some of your own. It is important for a relationship to be healthy to last so you should sit down and analyze whether or not you have a healthy relationship.

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