Guys Often Find Strange Things Attractive In Women

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When you are talking about what guys find attractive in women there are many different things that can be spoken about. However each guy will have different things that he will be attracted to. And believe it or not there are some very strange things that guys often find attractive in women.

Guys Like It When Women Show Fear

Guys do not like it when their girls are scared but they do like to see them show fear. Some might think that this is mean however once you read more into it you might feel differently. Guys do not wish fear upon their girlfriends but if the girl is scared and she is showing it the guy will have the opportunity to jump in and save the day by comforting her and being her hero.

Guys Like It When They See Their Girl A Mess

Yes it is true that a guy loves it when a woman takes her time to look her best for them. This includes choosing the perfect outfit, fixing her hair just right and spending time doing her make up as well. However the guy also likes it when he gets to see her in her natural state and not made up. This gives the guy the perfect window to see exactly who she is.

Guys Like It When the Girl Wears Glasses

This is actually a very common trait that guys find attractive. They love it when their girl wears her glasses. Believe it or not the contact lenses are not always necessary for the girl to be wearing all the time. It turns out that the guy loves his woman in glasses.

Guys Like It When The Girl Wears Camo

If your guy is big into the hunting scene he might like to see his girl wearing camo. This could mean two things. He either loves to see you dressed like you are going to be his new hunting buddy or he might just like to see you dressed in camo because he finds the look attractive.

Guys Like To Watch You Put On Your Make Up

Another fascinating fact is that guys love to watch you apply your make up. It truly amazes them how perfect a woman’s talent has to be do get the make up just right and perfect. It also amazes them that every different woman has their very own make up style and each is different. So if you are one of those women who are self-conscience about putting her make up on in front of their guy.

Guys Like Your Accent

If you have an accent you might actually be embarrassed by it. However there is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of your accent. The fact is that guys love an accent and will often think it is cute and will sit and listen to you talk for hours.

Guys Love Stretch Marks

If you and your guy have had a child together there is no need to feel uptight about your stretch marks. This is one of the things that women worry about most in regards to child bearing. The fact is that a guy will love them because whenever he looks at you it will remind him of the fact that you carried his baby and that your body helped to protect his baby until you gave birth.

There are many different things that a guy will find attractive in regards to his girl. The examples above are only just a few of the stranger ones that you might not have known about. There are many other ones as well. When in doubt ask your guy what he finds attractive. It might be the start to a very interesting conversation.

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