Things A Guy Wants From You But Will Not Tell You

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It is a true fact that there are things a guy will want from you but they will never tell you. They will leave these things for you to figure out on your home with little to no guidance at all. Guys are known not to communicate their feelings very well so you are left to play a guessing game. This article will help to make things a little easier for you and to help clear the cloudy waters where it comes to what guys want from you.


One of the top things that a guy wants from their woman but they do ever speak their minds is respect. They want respect from the woman who loves them and is spending their time together. What this means is that the guy in your life will want you to listen to their thoughts, ideas and see how their actions affect them. Basically what they want is for you to pay attention to them.


When you are talking about respect you could very well also be talking about admiration. Of course for admiration to mean something to your guy it will need to be sincere. A man will know if you are not be sincere and will look down on you if you are not. However when you are serious and are showing your guy how you feel about him he will appreciate it and will be very pleased.


When a man is with a woman they love the companionship of them. He may invite you to his favorite hangout places on the weekend or even when he is just sitting on the couch watching his favorite television show. He wants to spend the time with you. He likes to be around you but many times will not admit it therefore you will need to take him seriously when he is hinting around about you spending time with him.

A Nice Tone Of Voice

Everyone likes it when the other person in the relationship uses a pleasant tone of voice when they are speaking. No one likes an angry voice. Of course this does not mean that you must use a pleasant voice one hundred percent of the time but it will be something that you can work on to make the time you have together even more enjoyable.


When you are dealing with a male you will need to know that he will like and need encouragement from you. They like to hear that you are proud of them or that they did well on something. This will make it easier for them to accomplish things in their future and will look to you for the courage to do it.


Everyone likes to be appreciated and your guy is no exception. By simply saying thank you with a smile on your face you will see on the face of your man that when you appreciate him you are making him happy.


When you are in a relationship the other person loves it when they feel like the other person in the relationship is supporting them. This is not any different for the guy in the relationship. You need to stick by your guy no matter what he does. This could be anything from his job to running a marathon. It is important that you support your guy in every way possible.

The above suggestions are not the only things that your guy wants to see and hear from you on a daily basis. There are many more that unless you ask him or do research on your will probably never find out. Therefore you should ask him to get his honest opinion on what he wants otherwise you might be left in the dark.

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