Reasons Why Getting Married In The Fall Is The Best

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If you are planning a wedding you might be trying to decide what season you should get married in.  Each season proves to have its benefits as well as its disadvantages but the season of fall has the best benefits of them all.

Look Forward To It All Year

When you are planning your wedding it is something that you are going to look forward to.  If you plan to get married in the fall it is the best time because it will give you something to look forward to all year long.  Fall and winter are often associated with gloomy and bad attitudes.  However if you and your soon to be spouse are planning a wedding it will give everyone something to look forward to during the colder and gloomier months ahead.  Not only that but once you are married you will have anniversaries every year that will give you something to look forward to and celebrate when the weather turns cold, the days are shorter and the kids start school.

The Fall Colors Are Beautiful

When it comes time for fall many people look forward to one thing.  That one item that will brighten everyone’s day is the beautiful fall colors.  The fall landscape is decorated with colors of deep red, orange, yellows and many different shades of brown and even purple.  This allows for some awesome wedding pictures and often times the bridesmaid dresses or even the flowers can be dyed to match your favorite colors of the leaves.

Cooler Weather

No one wants to get married when the weather is too hot or too cold.  This is especially true if the bride to be has really curly hair.  The hot weather will cause all sorts of problems with curly hair.  When you get married in the fall you will find that there is no humidity or at least few days with no humidity.  Of course you might have to deal with some wet weather but on your wedding day you can still make the best of it.

Vibrant Color Bridesmaid’s Dresses

The colors of fall are very vibrant and so much can be done with them.  Often times you will find deep and bold colors that will stand out in pictures and will be completely different from the colors that a friend might have selected for their wedding dresses.  You can find dresses from a dark maroon, purple, or even chocolate brown.

Cheaper Airfare

If you are planning a destination wedding where you fly to someplace else to get married more than likely you will want some friends and family to join you.  This can obviously be pretty expensive for you all but if you decide that the spring and summer months are too expensive you can wait for the fall season for the airfare to drip in price.  The fall is much less expensive simply because the spring and summer months are the most popular for vacation travel.

Seasonal Decorations

Decorations are a huge party of a wedding ceremony and celebrations and it does not matter what time of the year you get married you will definitely be able to find beautiful decorations however the fall decorations in my opinion at the prettiest by far.  With a fall themed wedding you will find that your selection of decorations will be almost endless.

If you are trying to plan a wedding with your friends and family will be talking about for many years to come you might want to consider a fall wedding for all of the reasons that are listed above.  Fall weddings simply stand out from the others because they are different and it will be remembered for years to come.

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