Finding The Perfect Friend Through Meditation

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Many people find it hard to make friends.  Some other people have the philosophy that friends come and go.  However what every one is interested in finding is the perfect friend that will always be there and be a friend for a lifetime.  It has been said that you can find the perfect friend through meditation.  Can this be done?  It will depend on the person but if you read this article of teacherlove you will find out how to accomplish this difficult feat.

Does Meditation Actually Work

Many people have the common belief that meditation does not work.  Some people say that they have tried meditation but it just does not work for them or they just cannot make their mind slow down enough for them to relax.  These are common responses but what the reality truly is it is about calming your mind and having a time free from mental noise and clutter.

Even when you are seasoned in meditation and you have been doing meditation for many years it is still possible that when you sit down and cross your legs that you mind will still wander to different things around you.  But more often than not you will dissolve into a state of bliss and timelessness.  This is a successful meditation.

Meditation Is All About You

When you meditate your mind might be active and not able to slow down and be quiet.  However just because this happens it does not mean that your meditation is not successful.  A successful meditation is about spending quality time with you.  You are the special person in your life.  This is the perfect time to pay attention to what is going on inside of yourself and get connected and know what you are feeling. Many refer to this time like sitting down with your best friend and enjoying a beverage.  However the special friend being referred to is you.

Building A Special Relationship With That Friend

During meditation you are face to face with your friend, of course that friend is you.  This is the perfect time to build the best relationship you can with him or her.  It is common that people will think they are able to connect with their special friend when it is just the two of you when you are completely alone even if you are running errands.  These errands can be anything from grocery shopping to picking up the dry cleaning.  Other people think you can do this while you are alone and answering emails or many of the other thousands of activities that need to be completed on a daily basis.  But because this relationship is so important to love and build you really need to set aside a few minutes each day to connect with your friend.

How To Meditate

To learn how to meditate might take some time so it is important to mention that you should not get frustrated if you do not get in touch with yourself right away.  What you need to do is set aside a certain time every day.  It can be a short period of time or even a long period of time but you need to be in a quiet room away from other distractions.  You are not required to sit cross-legged or even sit at all.  Your personal comfort is all about you and no one can tell you how to do it.  Once comfortable you should block out the outer noises and concentrate on yourself.  Finding your inner friend and connecting with him or her is what this is all about.

Enjoying a little time with your newfound friend is time that should be enjoyed together.  There is nothing complicated about it and you cannot mess up meditation.  The longer you do it the easier you will find that it is.

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