Do Not Over Analyze Things That Guys Do

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When you are in a new relationship with someone or in a relationship that has been growing serious for quite some time now you might find yourself over analyzing certain things from time to time.  This is a very normal thing to do but it will also make you worry about certain things as well.  The good news for you is that you over analyzing things will lead you to worry about things that are really not happening.  Below are some of the more common things we will worry about when in reality we should be worrying about other things.

Short Text Messages From Him

One of the main differences between males and females is that a female is usually attached to her mobile telephone where the male may look at it only once or twice a day.  Often times a woman will get upset because it will take him a long time to text her back and then when he finally does his text message back to her may be much shorter than the one she sent to him.  Woman need to remember that they are usually much chattier than males and just because his text message is short it does not mean that he wants the conversation to end.  What it usually means is that he is having a hard time keeping the conversation going and needs help.

He Looks At Other Girls

It is also important not to over analyze the situation of your man looking at another girl.  There could be many different reasons why he is looking and it may not always be because he finds her attractive.  Of course that will happen sometimes and you will just need to forget about it but other reasons could be that she looks familiar to him or she has on a concert t-shirt of his favorite band.  The reasons could be endless and this is not any reason why you should get jealous it does not mean that he is not attracted to you.

His Compliments Change From Day To Day

You may notice that the compliments that your man gives to you might change from day to day.  This is nothing to fret over.  If one day he calls you beautiful but the next he just calls you pretty you should accept it either way.  He will keep the compliments coming and there is no reason why you should think more into them than you need to.  However if he stops giving you compliments then maybe you need to start worrying.

Facebook Friends

Everyone who is on Facebook knows that Facebook friends are not your real and true friends.  This is the same for your partner.  It is not necessary to get jealous if he adds a girl to his friends list.  He might work with the girl or know her from school.  More than likely they will not be messaging back and forth or even posting on each other walls.  No need to get upset about it unless you see unusual activity between the two.

Browser History On His Computer

If you happen to sit down at your man’s personal computer there is really no known reason to check the browser history.  More than likely you will not like what you see but if you think about it further you will realize that what you find will not make any difference to your relationship anyway.  Therefore you should just leave well enough alone and let his private stuff stay private.

When you are in a relationship it is not necessary that you over analyze every last thing that is said or happens with the other person.  Sometimes it is just best to keep some things to yourself.

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