The Good And The Bad Of Dating A Coworker

romancing in office with coworker

If you are considering dating a coworker you might think that this is going to be a thrill ride that is adventurous and you might think that it will make your drab and boring job and work week much more exciting. While all of this is true it is also possible that along with the excitement you might run into some unwanted drama. This article will help to explain the good and the bad of dating a coworker.

Company Size Matters

If you are considering dating a coworker and you work in a small to medium size office you might find yourself involved in a soap opera. Many times dating a coworker is frowned upon but if you work in a small to medium size this can be especially true. Offices that are larger are not as personal as smaller offices. Small office environments can often lead to the development of a romantic relationship.

The Benefits Of Dating A Coworker

The excitement of a new relations starts in the early stages. This includes flirting, emails, smiles, playful jokes as well as letters and cards. If you are working on a daily basis with the person you are dating you might find that your days go by faster and it makes your job much more enjoyable. Another benefit is that dating a coworker will give you something to wake up in the morning looking forward to. Having lunch together is also an awesome benefit. Rather than having your typical boring office lunch it is possible that your lunch dates can turn into an intimate lunch with flirting and maybe even a little more. Some couples also like the fact that you will always have something to talk about. By living the same life in the same workplace you can always talk about work when the conversation gets boring or stale. Other benefits include having someone to talk to about your work problems and letting the boyfriend/girlfriend release some unwanted steam when something from work is bothering him or her. And finally if you have awesome chemistry together you might find that the intimacy of being together all day can make for an exciting evening when you get home.

The Downside Of Dating A Coworker

As with any situation the benefits also come with disadvantages. This also holds true when you are dating a coworker. In this case the bad may out weigh the good. One of the main disadvantages is that when you are not in a good situation at work whether it be personal related or work related you might find that the tension is running high between you and the person you are dating from work. This can often lead to the two of you arguing and others in the office can sense the tension. A second disadvantage is that if you are spending all of your office time with the other person you might find that you are alienating yourself from your other coworkers. This is one of the worst things that you can do and if the office romance goes bad you will find yourself working to regain the trust and friendships that you have worked so hard to have. One of the worst things to deal with when working with someone you are dating is the office gossip. Gossip can have a negative effect on more than one way of life. It can ruin your friendships with your other coworkers and also depending on what the gossip is about you can find that you will not get your promotion. And finally if you have to break up with the other person you might find it uncomfortable seeing that person every day.

When trying to figure out what to do when wanting to date a coworker it is recommended that you think long and hard about it and make a professional decision. You should weigh the pros and cons and make your decision from there. The decision you make will affect your future so be smart.

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