How To Date A Single Parent

Single Parent Dating

Everyone knows that the dating life is complicated and difficult even if it is under the best circumstances. However if there are children involved it could paint the picture of an even more complicated dating life. The good news is that even though there are complications where single parents are concerned there are ways that dating can be successful. And wouldn’t it be great if you found the partner that you have always been looking for. The rest of this article will help to give you tips to make for a successful dating experience.

Be Safe

As a parent the number one thing you think about is the safety of your children. This is also important when it comes to finding a babysitter for your children when you go on a date. The most reliable and safest form of babysitting is asking for help from a family member such as a grandparent or an aunt or uncle. If this is not an option a close friend will work as well. This is to be sure that you know your children are safe and you can enjoy your time on your date.

Your Status

When on a date or while you are considering going out with someone it is not always easy to bring up the fact that you have children. However it is important to bring it up in the very beginning so you know how the other person feels about it and whether or not they have a problem with children being in the picture.

Do Not Parade Others In Front Of Your Kids

Bringing someone into the lives of your children can be a difficult thing. It is especially important that you do not parade any potential partner through the lives of your children. This will only confuse the kids and no child deserves that.

Social Media

If you are using a dating profile it is important that you do not post any information regarding your children on your profile. Information such as their ages, where they go to school, their names and even pictures of them can cause a safety hazard for them and possibly put them in danger.

Be Flexible

When you have children you will find that your schedule will always be different. When you are trying to plan a date you might find that kids will not always work into your dating schedule. Be patient and adaptable.

Kids Are The Priority

When there are kids involved in any relationship it is important that both adults understand that the kids are the priority. Kids will often times get sick, need help with homework or many other things and it can be very frustrating but both adults need to be understanding and help if the situation arises.

Kids Can Be Emotional

When you are dating it can be a very emotional time for children as well as yourself. When you are trying to sort through your own feelings you can only imagine what the children can be thinking at the same time. You should be sure that you always make time to listen to what the kids have to say.

Getting The Kids Approval

When starting to date someone you are going to want to get the approval of your children. Of course this is not something that you should expect. Depending on your child this could be an issue and he or she might not want to share you with another person. You need to have a perfect balance between your life and your children.

Be Realistic

If you are starting a relationship with someone who has never been around children after introductions you should not expect too much too soon. It might take some time for everyone to get used to each other.

You Are More Than A Parent And You Need To Enjoy It

As a parent your number one priority is your children. However your life should not revolve completely around them. It is imperative that you take time for yourself as well and enjoy your life too.


Dating as a single parent is not easy and often times it is not fun but with patience and a little hard work it can be done. By following the tips above you could find yourself dating the perfect person that you might end up starting a long life relationship with.

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