The Best 5 creative ways to build a long lasting relationship

Long Lasting Relationship

There is no single secret to a long lasting relationship because you have to work hard to keep the spark alive. When you meet your partner for the first time, everything looks like a fairy tale. Romance reaches its peak. You find ways to stay connected to each other all the time. You eagerly wait to see each other and when you meet, you live that day as if it’s your last day on earth. When a relationship becomes old, you spend all of your time with your partner. Netflix replaces your date nights and you start feeling like other normal people. The spark and love are still there, but everything looks so normal and becomes a part of life.

If your relationship has reached to that point, don’t worry. Here are 5 creative ways you can build a long lasting relationship without losing the spark.

5 creative ways to build a long lasting relationship:

Try something new together

Before you ask “what to try?” ask yourself “why it’s important?” and if you don’t know, read on. A popular dating website eHarmony conducted a research and interviewed 10,000 couples. The research found that several factors are important for a long lasting relationship. Couples who are compatible in many areas are the happiest of all. The key factors include emotional health, character traits, level of intelligence, sense of humor, and kindness toward each other.

So by now, you may have understood that compatibility is required for a healthy, happy, and long lasting relationship. It’s no surprise that many couples don’t have similar interests. If you are one of them, learning something new or trying some new experiences can give you that kind of compatibility. There’s so much you can do. Join a salsa class together, go to each other’s schools and share childhood stories, go camping, or spend time together doing something new.

Create a shared vision board

It is so easy to, live everyday life and forget everything else. Most of us do this and marriage becomes just a part of our lives. Everything looks like a routine and in the end, life looks the same every day. If you want to break this loop, create a vision board for both of you. Your vision board doesn’t have to be filled with career-related goals, try to look at a bigger picture.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5-10 years? A shared vision board is a visual representation of your unconditional love and commitment for what you desire. Couples that want to create a vision board can put pictures of each other on the board, they can plan their dream holidays, children’s future, each other’s career, and other related goals. If you want to affirm your commitment to a long lasting relationship, a shared vision board is a great idea.


Surprises should not be limited to birthday, anniversary and festivals. They need no occasion or reason. If you want to spice up your life and build a long lasting relationship with your partner, surprise your spouse in as many ways as possible. There’s literally no limit to the number of creative ideas you can think of and try.

You can do something simple as sending a sweet, meaningful, unexpected text message or you can buy the things your partner used to love as a kid (maybe a toy, comics series, or movies). If you can’t think of anything, chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and fragrances are evergreen ideas.

When you are thinking about a long lasting relationship with your partner, and running low on ideas, consider unpredictable romantic twists and see how they work. Just make sure you are not hurting your partner’s feelings in any way and be completely aware of possible consequences during these experiences.

Spend some time alone

Sometimes couples forget that love exists. They wake up in the morning and pass the whole day in silence and talk about nothing other than household chores, groceries, and budget. When you start living in the same house with one person, everything just looks like a routine habit. It’s common and it happens with many couples, but you should not ignore it. If your relationship looks the same to you, you need some “me” time.

In the absence of our loved ones, we realize many things. We get time to look at our relationship from different points of view. Even just spending a day alone can make you feel fresh when you see each other again.

This absence shows you many things and if you don’t carry negative thoughts with yourself, you will really find countless reasons to love your partner. A long-term relationship is not that difficult to build. You just need to work to keep it alive.

Have a good relationship with your in-laws

It may sound off-track, but researches have proved that your relationship with your in-laws has a significant impact on your marriage. If you’re trying to build up a long lasting relationship, be good to your partner’s parents.

Movies and TV shows regularly highlight nosy mother-in-law and short-tempered father-in-law. But we all know that this is not the norm. There are good people and bad people and we can’t just judge someone based on a few interactions.

Never insist your partner to choose between you and his or her parents. Keep in mind that in life, you can’t run away from everyone. If you’re running away from people just to avoid them, stop and think again.

Difficult relationships need to be managed. If you don’t smartly manage them, they start damaging your relationship with your partner. It’s all about how you react and how you see things. One thing is certain that your bonding with your in-laws can help you enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

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