Cover Ups That Work For A Winter Wedding

winter wedding

Weddings that are held during the winter months can be beautiful and make for some stunning photographs but they can also be very cold.  This often leaves the brides scrambling to find something that will keep them warm but at the same time keep them warm and cozy.  There are many types of items on the market today that can be dressy and stylish enough to wear for a wedding.

A Knitted Shawl

If you are looking for something that is elegant as well as beautiful and stylish a knitted shawl might be the perfect solution for you.  Not only is a shawl the perfect solution to keep you warm and toasty during the cold weather but they also come in a wide variety of different knitted patterns that will go with almost any theme of a wedding.

A Colorful Cardigan

When you think of wedding attire most people would not even consider a cardigan much less a cardigan that is colorful.  This idea is definitely one for someone who loves to have color in their life and who loves to be bold.  Some may not consider this to be proper wedding attire but if all bridesmaids are wearing the cardigans as well as the bride it will be the perfect solution to staying warm and adding color to the photographs that are taken outdoors.

A Quilted Blanket

If you are the type of a person that loves to snuggle under a blanket while sitting on the couch you will be happy to hear that a quilted blanket makes an awesome cover up.  They can be found in many different sizes and designs.  You should be able to find one that will meet your tastes as well as your wedding style.  The best thing about using a blanket as a cover up at your wedding is that you can relive the wedding memories every time you use the cover up as a blanket after the wedding is over.

A Faux Fur Wrap

If you walk through the shopping mall or even look through a wedding dress magazine you will see that a faux fur wrap is a very popular choice to use as a cover up on your wedding day.  These wraps are super warm and stylish.  You are sure to make people look at you when you show up with one of these wraps around your shoulders on your wedding day.

A Structured Blazer

If you have ever heard of someone using a structured blazer as a wedding cover up you might have thought that it was a strange idea.  Most people think that the blazer is considered business attire.  However if you decide to go with this type of cover up you should consider a white blazer but if you want to be a little fancier there are ones that are available to meet your desires.

The Fitted Sweater

When people think of sweaters most everyone will think of winter.  A fitted sweater can add the ultimate winter wedding touch to your  attire.  It will be both stylish and warm.  If you want to add a total winter look you even have the option of adding mittens and a scarf to your look.

A Pashmina

If you are not familiar with a pashmina you will be pleased to know that they are basically a long scarf.  If you are thinking of using a pashmina in your wedding attire you can give them to the bridesmaids as a gift.  They come in many different colors as well as different types of materials.  You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.

As a bride you are going to want everything to be perfect on your wedding day.  It does not matter which option you select to use you will look beautiful with any of them.

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