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If you are in a relationship you might have some things that you do that you are comfortable doing in public.  However it might not be appropriate and may make others feel uncomfortable and when you look back at what you have been doing you might not be very proud of what you were doing either.  There are many different things that you should not do in public read on to learn more.

Public Displays Of Affection That Are Too Much

When in public it is always a good thing to keep your over the top emotions to yourself.  If you are sharing a simple kiss or holding hands in public that is fine but to get into a make out sessions that is something that should not be done in public.  The intimacy that two people share should be saved for a more intimate and private setting.

Have A Loud Fight

There will be some times where a public fight will have to happen.  However it becomes a problem when the fight gets out of control and loud.  No one really wants everyone around him or her to hear what he or she is arguing about.  In fact it might be embarrassing to find out that people were listening to you and when you sit back and think about what was said you might be even more embarrassed.  When an argument starts to get out of control you should call a time out and wait until you get home to continue the discussion.

Degrade The Other Person

When you are in a relationship you should not degrade your partner at all.  What this means is that you should not call them mean names or say things just to be mean.  When in public you should try to be as nice as you can possibly be to each other.

Breakup In Public

If you find yourself sitting next to a couple where one person is giving a breakup speech you will find that it is a very uncomfortable situation.  A public breakup is never a good idea simply because each person deserves respect and it can be embarrassing for the person who is being broken up with.  It is recommended that if you are going to break up with someone that you do everything you can to keep it private.

Taking Dirty

If you and your partner are into talking dirty you should keep it in private.  It will be embarrassing for the people around you who hear it and that can lead to you being embarrassed as well.  The dirty talk can wait until you are in the privacy of your own vehicle or your own home.


Jealousy can rear its ugly head at anytime.  It is okay for a person to get jealous but it is not okay for the jealousy to get out of control.  If you get jealous you should speak to your partner about it calmly and in private.  This will keep you from getting embarrassed if the discussion happens to turn into a large argument.  However if this is something that happens often you should consider having a serious discussion with the other person in the relationship.

If you are in a relationship there are many things that can happen in public that probably should not.  If you feel like any of the above items are something that is currently happening in your relationship you should probably have a serious discussion with your partner.  Otherwise you should just avoid these items as well as other items that might make you or someone around you uncomfortable while in public.

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