Signs That The Communication Within Your Relationship Is Not Good

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If you think that the communication within your relationship is good you might want to check again.  There are several different signs that you might be missing that show that you have poor communication within your relationship.  Everyone makes mistakes within a relationship and those mistakes can be fixed and you can fix disagreements with your partner.  Here are a few of the signs that the communication within your relationship is poor and that you should think about fixing.

Not Listening

One of the most obvious signs of poor communication within every relationship is that the people in the relationship do not listen to each other.  This includes cutting off your partner when they are trying to speak.  This might make them think that they do not mater when they are speaking.  What you should do is to try and improve your listening skills.  Doing your best to listen and try to understand what your partner is telling you will let you try to avoid a miscommunication and misunderstanding.

You Are Passive Aggressive

If you are being passive aggressive you might be communicating with your partner in a very dangerous way.  You might actually really be hurting the person you are in a relationship with and if you look at the long term affects on the stability of your relationship.  During an argument you should try to do your best to remain calm and try thinking about your relationship before they come out of your mouth.  This way you will not hurt the person you are in a relationship with.

Lose Your Temper Easy

If you are the type of person who loses your cool easily and you have a temper you will probably have communication issues.  Your anger will not allow for you to let your partner convey their feelings to you.  You should work on controlling your anger so that you can also improve your communication within your relationship.


If there is nagging involved in your relationship it is almost a guarantee that there is poor communication as well.  By repeating the demands you have in your relationship over and over again you will not be able to communicate effectively without your partner tuning you out and when this happens the communication level the two of you have will be poor.  By stopping the nagging you will find that your communication will increase greatly.

Ignoring Your Partner

If you are trying to improve the communication gap within your relationship ignoring the other person is not the best way to do this.  The best way to solve a problem is to talk about what you are upset about.  With poor communication skills you will be ruining your relationship.

The Use Of Bad Language

The use of bad language may be offensive to your partner and if you use it during an argument you might actually offend or hurt the other person’s feelings.  The general rule is that even if you are upset you should not use profanities and you should be respectful at all times.  Remember that you are speaking to the person you love.

Avoid Being Argumentative

All couples will fight but how you fight and what leads to the fights is what matters.  You should try not to be argumentative when fighting.  Try to fight in a friendly manner so that when you do argue it can be productive.

All relationships require work from both people involved.  People are human and we will all make mistakes but if you try to avoid the items above and remember that we are all human you can improve the communication within your relationship.

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