Different Ways To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary Year After Year

celebrating wedding anniversary

It does not matter how many years you have been married.  Anniversary is a huge accomplishment whether it is a first anniversary or even a marriage of fifty years.  Each year should be celebrated like it was the first anniversary and there are things that you can do to celebrate and have it be different year after year.  Often times many couples will celebrate the big anniversaries such as the first, fifth, tenth and so on while the others fall away unnoticed.  Even if the occasion is not celebrated with something extravagant it should at least be noticed and recognized and there are many different ways to do this.  You will find several examples of ways to recognize the anniversary in the article below from teacher love.

Celebrate With Family And Friends

Celebrating with your family and friends is a great way to take notice of your anniversary.  Some years can be bigger and better than others but this is an option with plenty of different ways to celebrate.  For example you can have a picnic or a nice dinner out with the family and friends or you can do some simple that will allow for you to remember the day always such as having a large family portrait done.

Free Pass

Many couples use their anniversary as an excuse for a free pass to do whatever they want.  This could be to do something special or to splurge and purchase something to spoil them in honor of yet another year together.  Depending on the year that is being celebrated the idea to celebrate could involve a trip or a cruise together or purchasing a large piece of furniture or artwork for the home.  It does not matter what it is that you do it will always be a memory.

Remember The Memories

Many couples that the opportunity of their anniversary to have a nice dinner out, see a movie and share memories of their years together.  Often times couples will take this day to watch the video of their wedding and remember the day.  It is the perfect time to spend the day together just the two of you and plan something special.

Plan A Weekend Getaway

Often times life can get in the way of your anniversary but it is always important to take the time to celebrate and recognize the special day.  Even if you do not celebrate on the actual anniversary day because it falls on the day of the week that does not work with the busy schedules of the everyday person you should still take time to celebrate.  A great way to celebrate is to plan a weekend getaway.  A cruise might sound like a great idea but can be pricey and often times involve several days away.  However a weekend getaway could be just what is needed to celebrate.  It does not have to be somewhere fancy even a private cabin in the woods could provide the perfect anniversary getaway.  What is needed is just some place where it is quiet and you can reflect on the time that the two of you have spent together.

An anniversary is a special day of the year and should be recognized just as a birthday would be.  It is not required that you spend a lot of money or plan something really elaborate but it is a special day and should not be ignored.  You and your spouse should take the time out of your busy schedules to plan something that will benefit the both of you and give you a perfect day to remember for many years down the road.

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