Five simple ways to bring intimacy in your relationship

bring intimacy in relation

Relationships, like everything else, have various aspects, where it is important to fulfill the emotional requirement of your bond. It is also very essential to maintain a level of physical intimacy and things start to cool off after a while in every relationship. Some may say it is because people do not feel that kind of love for each other, but the reason such things start is because the physical intimacy gets lost in time which leads to both the people feeling a bit aloof.

In the following article, we will give guidelines as to what steps couples can take to spur their sex life into a better rhythm and offer a detailed fresh take on things that you may not have thought of before.

Quick Tips to Bring the Spark Back

Communication: have you ever noticed that whenever you go for any article that is even mildly related to romantic relationships the first listed advice is always about having healthy communication between the partners. When you have some emotional qualm the only way you and your partner can solve, it is by talking and letting each other know what is bothering you and what is that you want. Same goes for you sex life, as Dr. Horowitz says “unless you tell the other persons what you want you would not get it.” Never assume that the person would know about your needs beforehand without you telling them, this may hold true in certain aspects but your physical equation is not one of those. You have to have honest communication with your partner otherwise this will lead to an unsatisfactory sex life and may even translate into the emotional arena.

  1. Imagine if you had to eat the same food every day that too thrice, wouldn’t you go bored? Same goes for your sex life. Dr. Horowitz tells us that there is a chemical called dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which is generated when people change their sex routine; this chemical is what makes things better in terms of experience. Therefore, a little change in environment is called for at regular intervals.
  2. It may sound very petty, but one of the most restraining things while being intimate can be having your mind somewhere else. When you are watching a movie and your mind wanders somewhere else, and you miss the big suspense, how does it feel? Frustrating, right? Same goes for when you are trying to enjoy yourself but suddenly a thousand things from work and home come to your mind, and you lose track. Try to be mindful, meaning try to be present in the moment both mentally and physically.
  3. As experts say, people are different in terms of their body, and it is not necessary that yours and your partner’s requirements or their timings should coincide at all. When you are with your partner, have a detailed conversation with them about what kind of routine they like and then work it out in relevance to your own. Talking it out and meeting halfway where both your needs can be fulfilled is the only way to a more satisfactory physical rapport with each other.
  4. Romance is the biggest trigger of all and the most common thing people miss out. You need to make your partner feel loved and cherished, show small gestures, make a call randomly and tell them you love them, it may seem insignificant but it enhances the connection you have which then translates into other aspects of your relationship.

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