Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Knock Their Socks Off

bridal shower gifts

If you are a person who likes to stand out and try to be the best at everything you are probably that way when it comes to gift giving as well. Bridal showers are one of these gift-giving times that can be frustrating if you do not want to purchase something off of the bridal registry or you are not creative enough to come up with an idea of your own. This article will give you several different ideas that will help you to give the gift that everyone will be jealous of and talking about and will help the bride to feel special.

Extravagant Appliances

All brides to be drool over the Williams Sonoma catalog even if they cannot cook. If this is an item that neither of you could afford when you were dreaming and drooling over the catalog you can leave a witty comment in the card such as “remember when we used to dream about this? Now your dreams are all coming true”. She will be impressed that you remembered and thought about the “old days”.

Purchase A Unique Guestbook

Every bridge and groom likes to have a guestbook that the guests at the wedding can sign and leave a special comment for the new couple. If you purchase a photo book of someplace the couple loves such as where they met or where they are going on their honeymoon to you can suggest that they use it as a guestbook if you include some nice writing pens.

Buy The Bride A Time Saver

If you have access to the wedding guest list a great idea for bridal shower gifts if to purchase a box of beautiful thank you notes and address and stamp them for the bride. This is not only a thoughtful gift but also a large time saver for the bride as well.

A Gift To Be Opened At Another Time

A very thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed for months to come is a gift that is to be opened at another time. An example is purchasing a few bottles of wine, wrap them and put a note on them saying when they should be opened. Popular times to have wine would be when the couple gets home from their honeymoon or has their first dinner party.

Food Themed Gift

A gift that many people would not think about would be a gift that is food themed. For example if the couple follows a certain diet you can create a food themed gift that circles around that diet. A perfect example is if the couple lives a gluten free life you could put together a large basket of gluten free items that can be kept in the pantry for when the couple returns from their honeymoon. Another example is a couple of cookbooks and a few kitchen items that the bridge has on her gift registry.

A Lingerie Fitting

Lingerie is a person’s private style. Instead of purchasing lingerie that you might think is the bride’s style you should purchase a gift certificate to a lingerie shop where she can get a fitting and make the purchase herself.

All of the ideas above are unique and personal gifts that are able to be given at a bridal shower that would mean a lot to the bride and show her that you put a lot of thought into shopping just for her. A bridal registry is great for the person who does not have a clue what to purchase but many times the most remembered gifts are the ones where thought has been put into it.

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