What Not To Do After A Break Up

Break Up

Breakups are hard. They can be even more difficult if you were together for a long period of time. Even if the two people involved in the relationship decide together that the relationship is no longer working out and a breakup would be the best thing you will find that it will still hurt and will probably hurt a lot. When the end of the relationship happens there are several things that you should avoid doing. This article will help to explain what those things are and will help you to move on and have closure.

Do Not Pretend That You Are Fine

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to pretend that you are find and not bothered by the breakup. It is okay to let yourself mourn. Do what you need to do whether it is cry, punch a pillow or even get your feelings out on paper while journaling. Whatever it takes to get it out of your system. This is not an easy task because the temptation will be there to pretend that you are not affected by the breakup and your emotions will build up until you bust. Take the healthy way out of the relationship and express your feelings honest rather than ignoring them and pretending that they do not exist.

Try To Be Friends With Your Ex

It is a rare occasion for a couple that has just broken up to remain in a solid friendship. What is recommended is that you create space for yourself and let yourself mourn the fact that the relationship is over. The worse thing you can do is set yourself up for disappointment in a friend who has broken your heart.

Do Not See Revenge

Revenge will not help the hurt of the breakup heal. You should not damage his personal property such as his car. Often times the thought of revenge can be dangerous and end up with you getting into legal trouble. It is better to forget what happened and move on.

Do Not Communicate At All

Communication is only important when you are in a relationship. Once you breakup you are no longer required to communicate at all and it is not recommended. Unless you are returning his items or deal with a lease or contract that you share. This should be the only contact you have with him.

Do Not Beg For Reconciliation

No one likes a beggar and begging for reconciliation will not get you anywhere. What you should do is find a friend who you can help walk you through the entire process of letting the relationship go. What ever you do it is important that you do not beg for the relationship to continue.

Do Not Make A Drastic Change

When someone is feeling down about a relationship being over it is common to want a change. For some this means going drastic and getting a new hairstyle or even a tattoo. Hair will grow back but a tattoo is forever. What is recommended is that you wait several weeks or even months before getting that tattoo. You might have a change of heart after the stress of the break up has passed.

Breakups of a relationship can be hard on a person. What you should do after a breakup is to convince yourself not to give up and get busy doing other things to help you forget. You should remember that there are other people out there also interested in gaining a relationship. Maybe the two of you will meet up soon and you can finally have the relationship you have only dreamed about.

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