Best Tips for your first date

Hey planning to go on a first date with someone special? Well, dating is something not to be taken lightly; a good date can do wonders to your love life. But what does it take to get make a normal date into a date that will absolutely charm your lady? Read on for some quick tips that can help you to make an impression that will last forever.

Paying Bills

Be a gentleman when it comes to the bills whether they are for food or any other activity that you go for, always pay for it. She might offer to share the bill, but you do not have to succumb to it, in case if she keeps on insisting just let her share whatever she wants to, this will also give you an idea whether your date wanted to share or was just saying it out of common courtesy.

Food Planning

Don’t turn your first date into a movie night, it is meant for the two of you to know each other. Dinner is the best way to go about it. The place of choice should be such that you can easily afford it, and it has a nice ambience too. In case you are tight on cash then you can always arrange dinner at your place and cook, but if you are not very good at cooking you can always order something a good restaurant. The important thing is to make an effort; so if you cannot cook at least serve the food that you ordered on the table in a fancy way. The first date should be simple so that no one feels overwhelmed and can get to know each other. Also, it would give you room for raising the standards on the following dates if things look good between the two.

Bonus Impression

Chivalry is still the key to a women’s heart. Opening the door for her or helping get her out of the car will always earn you bonus points. Manners are something that you have to keep track of, when going on a dinner it is better that you keep a thing or two about table manners in your mind, it will enhance your impression on her. Last but certainly not the least never be late on your date, no one (especially women) like to wait.


First date is your chance to know the other person and see if you two are compatible or not, so any acts to put her in a compromising position are not something you should go for, so remember to showcase your best manner. At most, you can kiss her good night at the end of it but the golden rule in the entire date is not to expect anything in return for your efforts.


Confidence is what makes the most lasting impression but be sure that you do not go overboard with it. Be sure of the things you talk about and what you suggest. If you have the confidence that you will have a good date then it will show through, and you’ll make it happen.


Dressing according to the place you are taking her is necessary and also let her know about it so that she can do the same. Wearing clean, decent clothes, polished shoes, a clean shaven face, all this cannot harm you, right? Also wear a little cologne but never wear too much.


Make sure you compliment her but don’t go on and on about it as it will make you look a bit desperate. Make her the centers of attention i.e. do not keep talking about yourself all the time, also make sure that you pay attention to what she is saying. Talking too much about work is not very good for the conversation.  Also, never mention about your ex-girlfriends on your first date.

The time has to be very properly managed, you should finish the date at a point where you both want it continue a little bit longer, it maintains the excitement quotient.

A simple understated gift can is a good idea, don’t go overboard with it, roses can always do the trick.

Once you get back home make sure to call her and tell her how much you enjoyed your date, keep in mind being honest is very crucial here.

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