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backyard wedding

From a very young age, every little girl starts dreaming of the perfect wedding.  For some, this might involve a large church wedding with many attendants.  For others, it might consist of just the bride and groom with a justice of the peace.  Many engaged couples might even wish to have their special day in their own backyard.  Doing a wedding in your backyard can be just as special as having it someplace fancy and comes with the benefit of being much cheaper as well.  Here is how to make your backyard wedding day perfect.

Backyard Wedding:

Select The Perfect Date

When you are planning your wedding in a more traditional venue you might find that the date you want is not available.  This does not happen with a wedding that is being held in your backyard.  You can choose whatever date you want and not have to worry about the date already being reserved by someone else.

The Cost Is Free

When you set out to plan your wedding you will find that having it at a traditional venue is often very expensive.  By having the wedding in your very own yard the cost is free.  If you do not want to use your yard may be a friend or family member will allow you to use his or her yard.  You might find that you have to spend a little money on chairs and tables but this cost is minimal and you will still be saving money in the long run.

You Can Be Yourself

A backyard wedding also allows you to be yourself.  You have the option of wearing whatever you want and showing your own style.  The good thing with backyard settings is that you can have any style wedding you want.  From elegant and classy to rustic and casual.  The possibilities are endless.

You Are In Control

When you have your wedding at a traditional wedding venue you will find that you need to follow the rules and regulations that they have in place.  The problem here is that some of these can be very strict and you might not want to follow a few of them.  A backyard wedding gives you the option of doing whatever you wish without having to get permission first.

Your Friends And Family Can Help

A backyard wedding can be a lot of work.  The good news is that you can enlist the help of your family and friends.  There are many do it yourself projects that can be used for weddings but you might need help from some of your crafty family and friends to get things done.  They will all love to help you and make your day perfect and special.

You Have Your Choice Of Decorating

By having a backyard wedding you will have the freedom to decorate however you wish.  There will not be anyone to tell you that you cannot decorate in one way or another.  Many venues are so strict that they will not allow for you to bring in an outside vendor to do the decorating.  This can be a very frustrating experience for the bride and the groom.  There are no rules for a backyard wedding you are free to do as you please.

If a backyard wedding is what you have always dreamed of you should go for it.  You have the option of making it exactly what you want; having it on the date you want and not have it break your bank account.  It is your special day and it should be exactly how you have always dreamed that it should be.

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