Awesome Halloween Dates

Halloween Dating

When people think of Halloween it is typically thought of as a holiday for the children to enjoy however it can also turn out to be the perfect date night. It can be a great time to enjoy being someone else for the day and to have fun doing unusual things that cannot be done any other time throughout the year. Halloween is a great time to build memories that will last a lifetime and by using the tips you can do just that.

Go Shopping For A Pumpkin

A great date idea is to go to the pumpkin patch together to find the perfect pumpkin for the two of you to carve together. If you are the competitive type you can purchase two pumpkins and have a pumpkin-carving contest between the two of you. When you are finished carving the pumpkins you can keep the seeds, add a little bit of salt to them and toast them. The toasted pumpkin seeds make the perfect snack when curled up on the couch watching scary movies together.

A Corn Maze

If you live in an area where there are cornfields you will probably be able to find a corn maze as well. If you do have this option you are probably looking to have one of the most romantic Halloween dates ever. If it is dark do not worry about bringing a flashlight. Getting lost together in the dark will make it even more romantic and fun. If it is cold you might want to remember to bring an extra sweater and maybe some hot chocolate to keep you warm.

Walk Through Haunted Houses

When the Halloween season comes around there are many haunted houses that open up for you to enjoy. Some of these are man made haunted houses while others are true to life-haunted houses. If you live in an area where there are stories of ghosts you might even be able to go on a ghost tour. These will offer you the perfect opportunity to cling to your partner all night long.

Snuggling At Home

Many people do not like to go out on Halloween night. Instead it is preferred to stay at home while handing candy out to the kids that come ring your doorbell. You can do this while at the same time watching scary movies. If you would rather act like a kid you could watch kid types of movies such as It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Attend Or Host A Costume Party

If you have never been to a costume party you are in for a treat. The costumes can be a couples theme or even the singles can be crazy. This leaves for a party where almost anything can happen and is plenty of fun trying to guess what everyone is dressed as.

Have A Murder Mystery Party Or Dinner

A murder mystery party or dinner is an awesome idea for you, your partner and a group of your friends. This takes plenty of planning so be sure you will have enough time to do the planning. You will need to be sure that everyone who comes will be dressed in a costume that matches his or her character. An important aspect of the night will also be to have treats on hand for your guest to enjoy. This will make for a good time that your guests will not soon forget.

Halloween can be a very fun time for a couple to have a date or plan a party together. There are many different things that can be done during this holiday. You just need to have an open mind and enjoy yourself.

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