Assumptions Can Ruin Your Love Life

If you are currently in a relationship or you know someone who it you should know that making assumptions about the relationship as well as the other person can ruin the relationship.  Once a person starts to make assumptions it is not an easy habit to break and therefore can cause issues in future relationships as well.  This article will help to explain some of the assumptions that can ruin your love life.

Girlfriend/Boyfriend That Are Just Friends

There are many people who are in relationships that have best friends of the opposite sex.  Having friends of the opposite sex can lead to many problems within a relationship because it makes the other person jealous.  Just because you are friends does not automatically mean that there is something else going on there and there is no reason to be jealous.  Having this kind of an attitude will often push your boyfriend/girlfriend farther away.


When a person of the opposite sex is flirting you it is not necessarily because they are interested in a relationship with you.  Flirting is a way to show that you are interested in someone but does not mean that you want to take it any further than that.  You should not make the assumption that someone wants a long-term relationship due to the fact that there is flirting involved.

Wedding Bells

When you get asked out it is a detrimental mistake to start hearing wedding bells right away.  Getting into a relationship that will ultimately end in a wedding will take time.  The person who is asking you out may not jump into the relationship with a wedding as the ultimate goal.  He or she might be out looking to have a good time.  If the relationship happens to go that far great if not move onto the next person.

Having Sex

He might call it “making love” or he might call it having sex.  It does not matter how it is worded it might not mean that he or she wants to be involved in a relationship and to assume that it does could be a bad thing.

Living Together

When a couple moves in together the woman will probably assume that the man in the relationship wants to eventually get married.  This is a poor assumption to make.  It is possible that your partner just wants to save some money and by living together it is the best way to do that.  This is one of the top relationship damagers around.

Being Exclusive

Unless you have had a conversation about being exclusive to one another and not see other people you should not assume that the other person is not seeing anyone else.  This assumption can truly hurt your feelings when you find out that the other person in the relationship is seeing someone else.

He Does Not Want To Lose You

When you are in a relationship one person will commonly tell the other that they do not want to lose you.  Most people will assume this means that you can give them exactly what they want and you they can stop looking.  This is not always the case.

Having A Baby Together

One of the worst things you can do to a relationship is to have a baby for the simple fact of staying together.  Most of the time the relationship will not work out if this is the only reason why you are having a baby.

Playing Hard To Get

If you are playing hard to get with the assumption that it will make the other person stick around or come back you could be wrong and wasting your time.  It is possible that the other person will not stick around to play the game.

Finally the last assumption that can ruin a relationship is one of trying to rescue the other person.  This often happens when the other starts telling sad stories of childhood memories or bad relationships.  No matter how sad it might seem the story will usually not keep the other person around for very long.  Relationships are hard.  Both people need to work at them and not base the relationship on assumptions that are being made.

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