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giving advice to married woman

There are many women who have a hard time taking advice from anyone. It does not matter what the advice is regarding. It could be about what color shoes to where or advice regarding your marital relationship. Often times it is just hard for someone to take advice to heart and act on it. This article will give you some relationship advice that is geared towards the married woman and the relationship she is in. Read on for more information.

The Commitment Level That You Possess

One of the first pieces of advice that can be given when in a marital relationship is to realize that no one is perfect. However you will find that when you get married that there is someone in the world that even though he might have some flaws they are ones that you can look past. Once you get that idea into your mind then it should be smooth sailing throughout the marriage.

The Problem Of The In-Laws

Many problems with a marriage will often start with the in laws. The reason behind this is because the wife and the husband’s mother are competing for the attention of the husband. Of course when this happens the wife and the mother end up resenting each other. However if both the wife and the husband show they are a united front the problems will usually solve themselves quickly. Of course mom will also have to give a little and realize that he is married now and is a husband.

The Problem Of Money

When couples get married one of the largest problems that usually is the cause for many couples to get divorced is that of money. This is a problem that plagues many newlywed couples because they do not know how to balance the freedom that they are now experiencing as well as the money that they need to be secure in their marriage. The best advice to give would be to work as a financial team. The couple needs to work as a team with not only the everyday things in life but the financial aspect of things as well.

The Problem Of Housework

It is a common and well known fact that when a woman gets married that the husband will create plenty more housework to be done. The problem of more housework is where things will start to go down hill. Many times the woman will not feel that the husband is pitching in enough around the house and will often blow up because she feels that the is not getting the support that she needs. The solution and advice to be given here is to ask your spouse to help pitch in around the house. Once he starts to help you will both be happy because the wife will have a little more energy to do other things within the relationship. Therefore both the husband and wife will benefit.

The Problem Of Children

Children are a very large problem for a marital relationship. A woman is known to tackle most of the chores that children cause and many will not respect their husbands for that reason. Therefore once the baby comes the woman is no longer satisfied in the relationship. The solution to this problem is asking the husband to pitch in and help. Children are a shared responsibility and are much easier if both the husband and the wife are helping.

Marriages are constant work and it is important for both the woman and the man in the relationship to understand this. However for a woman it will seem that she is the only one doing anything within the relationship to make it easier. If you follow the tips above and speak to your husband about things to help with you will realize that it will be an easier road to travel.

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